1.0.2: Map Design Improvements

Source: NA Portal. The first pic below the title of each map is the new variant, the second is the older one.

As you know, Common Test 1.0.2 is here and with its latest iteration, four maps have been updated and reworked to address issues we’ve noticed with them. Time’s a-wasting, so let’s get down to the facts.


  • Spawn points for both teams have been relocated (previously, one team had to travel farther to reach key points). Spawning light tanks are assigned to the front, which will simplify their departure and operation at the beginning of the battle.
  • The bushes on the balcony have been shifted closer to the edge of the cliff, and the terrain in this area has been slightly modified. The viewing radius from this position is better now.
  • The church has been rotated. Now it’s more beneficial for the north-spawning team to take the church, and this position will have added effectiveness through the course of battle. From this position, you’ll be able to shoot at the swamp and defend it from the enemy on the hill. Also behind the church, some of the terrain has been lowered.
  • Revised the density and number of bushes in the swamp for both teams.
  • Added a small ledge at the slope of F7 to provide greater opportunities for the north-spawning team.


Some minor adjustments were made throughout the map to strengthen the positions of the team spawning at the top (left).

  • Added shelter from tank destroyers firing from the lower base. Now tanks passing through this zone will be less vulnerable.
  • Changed the terrain on the outcrops from the ravine, allowing safer play from the tower and strengthening the positions of the west-spawning team.
  • Added an indestructible house to the tank destroyer position, which allows you to hide from enemy fire.
  • Added an alternative route on the lower part of the hill, allowing attackers to reach the base more safely.


Minor changes have been made to improve the ability to attack and rebalance the map.

  • Changed the geometry of the castle wall. Now defenders near the castle will be more vulnerable to the attackers on the island at E1 and those in the city.
  • Added houses to create an additional coverage position. This will also simplify the attack along the 0 and 1 lines.
  • Added trees and buildings to better cover the tanks in the city from fire and spotting from the flanks.
  • The area has been redesigned to correspond more closely to a similar place in the opposite corner of the map.
  • Fixed minimap errors.

Mountain Pass

There are more convenient zones for the players from the top of the map, without impacting the usual positions of the team spawning in the south. We did this to fix the imbalance on the map which favours the south-spawning team.

8 thoughts on “1.0.2: Map Design Improvements

  1. any change to get a zoom and mark the changed zones? cant see a shit with the full map pictures 😛

    1. Here’s a way of finding the changes:

      Open new browser window, open 2 tabs, copy and paste image locations into these 2 tabs, switch between tabs to easily notice the bits that got changed.

      But yeah, if they actually encircled or pointed to the particular bits they’re changing it would be a lot easier.

  2. My only question is: have they messed with the OP spotting by bushes on Malinovka?
    You know the ones i mean 😉.

  3. Why allow flanking fire by TDs and gold spamming MTs, and not allow for actual flanking by making several roads to engage the enemy from rear and side, like some of the older maps had`which were removed?

  4. I never understood why people think that lightly armored tanks can’t play in medium and close range, I mean they can, that is why they get other benefits because they lack armor. How ever you need to be more carefull. This sniping ridge line, double bushing bullshit is not fun at all and only encourace camping. Most maps are a joke, it is hard to dig out TDs standing behind double bushes and ridges just pointing and clicking. You can realisticly not get to them in some situation specially in end game. I always play close and meidum range with my MTs regardles of armor level because it is more fun. people that play passive are boot and should get reported for boot-legg.

    I have had many games that were lost just because two stealthy TDs were camping invisible, and there is no way you can spot them or get close enough to track them.

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