5 New Flags added in – WoWS

5 New additional flags have been added to the client this patch.
Flags New

-Azur Lane, Azur Lane Hipper, and Manjuu are flags all part of the Azur Lane collaboration, and can be earned through in-game events and the premium shop.

-Halsey – This Flag will be flown on vessels who are commanded by Admiral Halsey. (Much the same way ships commanded by Grand Admiral Yamamato will fly his pennant)

-American CL – I presume that this flag will be earned by players in the American CL Campaign.

2 thoughts on “5 New Flags added in – WoWS

  1. Accurate description for:
    Manjuu – The evil chick that kamikaze you ship with torpedo boats. Exterminate them if spotted.

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