Supertest: Object 726 Initial Stats

What’s brand new, really huge, and rolling on all fours? That’s right, it’s the Object 726, a Soviet Tier X heavy entering Supertest today. It looks fresh and unusual, with a hull resting on four caterpillars. The Object 726 was designed to look mighty fine be easily maneuvered on difficult terrain.

The look isn’t the only thing making the in-game version of this monster stand out among other Soviet heavies. First, the Object 726 has no lower front plate (aka the Soviet’s Achilles’ heel). At the same time, as the caterpillars are below the hull, they lend no protection to the sides.

Secondly, the gun carried by the 726 is silky smooth compared to what your typical Soviet Tier X is wielding. It has excellent aiming time, good stabilization, and reloads so fast, its DPM reaches 2750 points – not counting the Crew and Equipment bonuses. Actually, the gun on this tank is so good, we can’t wait to nerf it! (Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to check whether it’s indeed hyper-efficient during testing.)

The Object 726 has great frontal protection; despite all its quirks and exotic appearance it should still play as a classic Soviet first line heavy. The 726 can handle such tasks as breaking through the enemy defensive lines, holding ground, and dealing with heavily armored adversaries.

Among this vehicle’s drawbacks we can count: its limited mobility (a price to pay for supreme firepower and protection) and the gun depression of -5° (quite normal for Soviet tanks, but still not the most comfortable).

As this is merely the first stage of testing, please keep in mind that the Object 726’s stats may change in the future! (We may even re-think its combat role.)

61 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 726 Initial Stats

    1. This thing looks like another Murazor design. Excellent frontal armor with no lower weak spot? ridiculous dpm? Did WG learn anything from having that degenerate fuck running head balance position, and ruining the game 2 years straight?

      1. it’s actually from 1947, both mockup and test rig (chassis without turret to test suspension and transmission solutions) were built (at least there’s a picture of a test rig similar to it being pulled from the mud, right beside a T-10)

        1. Not exactly. The one in Kublinka is the Obj 729, the “finished version”, so to speak. This one is the first project in that line.

  1. I dont see any pictures anymore on this page… anybody with the same problem!?!?

  2. Considering the tank sits on top of the threads, and the helmet on the side of the turret. Is this one of those designs with literally no space for the crew in real life? Because it does look like it.

    1. Check out the Object 279, the hull was even smaller than this tank and it was actualy tested

  3. Oh good, I like shoveling credits into the furnace whenever I get into frontal engagements…. and side engagements… and every other angle that this abomination can be shot at.

  4. Will these monstrosities never end? WG is obsessed with Russian fantasy tanks….

      1. True. But it was still a Russian designers wet dream. WG might as well make a Star Wars Sand Crawler…

        1. Wet dream? Have you seen object 279? That thing was built and actually tested and it looks like a UFO. 726 is actually pretty tame in comparison.

          1. Yes i have seen 279 and I agree it’s tame in comparison. My point is that WoT can be without these tanks.

            1. Why? This things are very interesting and exotic plus 100% real. More tanks is always better than less tanks.

              1. God no, not more soviet tanks. Brits are still lacking a premium tier 8 heavy, let them make that instead of “russian heavy tank number 47” or “russian mediumtank with hovercraft mobility number 453”.

                It is kind of weird that they won’t add the chieftain, but keep adding tanks that have similar armor and characteristics.

    1. i think its going to be another clan wars reward tank

      i dont think they will have another russian heavy tank as the final reward for the new set of personal missions

  5. Wohoo tier XII tanks are here finally, great job WG! Really cool to see this in the game /s

    So basically we have a tank with no frontal weakspots, inpenetrable Turret, thick sloped Sidearmor and crazy DPM.

    On the same tier as the IS-4 and E 100.

    Taking powercreep to a whole new level here. What a load bullshit.

      1. I know russian tanks were garbage and all, but why do they place postwar-tanks against tanks like the maus and the e100?

    1. Jesus Christ on a unicycle, why is WG doing this?!
      Just… just make the nuke shooting tanks and end the game, for fuck’s sake…

        1. No matter what war gaming adds to WOT, idiots will still be triggered. War gaming reveal a real and historical tanks – the community starts crying, War gaming reveal a paper/fake tank – the community still cries

  6. “Among this vehicle’s drawbacks we can count: its limited mobility (a price to pay for supreme firepower and protection)”

    And they say this while listing it’s top speed at 40km/h and power to weight ratio as 14,2 h.p/t

    A fucking laugh.

    1. Better armor and firepower than the IS-4 while also being more mobile.

    2. Atleast they could have added an actual historical drawback of 4 tracks – horrible maneuverability

  7. So, what is this going to be? The final boss in the ‘new and soon coming’ coop gamemode against bots?

  8. Well at least you can’t possibly not track this tank. Plus it looks huge. Also despite the weird shape the side armor doesnt look that angled. Shooting straight at them, they’ll probably be like 200mm effective, which is not a problem for any tier 8+ tank. And huge target for HE guns.
    If they make the cupolas about 80mm thick, they’ll make nice weakspots for their size at this tier: no chance of having weird bounces when you hit them, but hard to hit at long range.

    1. It does look a little sloped. Reminds of me the 257 sides.

      But yes another Arty magnet.

      1. The 257 has a V shaped hull. This thing’s sides, although sloped indeed, are nowhere near as sloped as the 257. Also it looks like a tall tank, so you should not sjoot down on it too often.
        But thick armor so sidescraping beast.

  9. “We can’t wait to nerf it”. Yes, yes you can, and you will. As usual, you will release an overpowered tank into the game without any decent testing, claim it to be balanced, milk the living crap out of it, and then nerf it into the ground – after you made tons of money from players free xp’ing that extra winrate.

    Because that’s the way WG does business.

    1. It will most likely be a final reward for new set of personal missions so it should be REALLY good.

  10. So up until now, if I played arty and shot some tank I got x2 in damaged modules/crew, because of 2 sets of tracks. Can’t wait to get 4 now in 1 shot.
    But really now WG, you need frontal weak spots for this game to be fun. #makewotfunagain

  11. Might as well go back to Armored Warfare and play the Object 279 (yes it’s available there) until it lasts… seems that kicking Murazor out solved nothing.

    1. >seems that kicking Murazor out solved nothing.
      I am going to play the devil avocado here and say this tank was probably already being designed and all before Murazor got kicked, same with the Chimera fake tank.
      Or maybe Murazor was just a scapegoat and whoever shits this stuff is still in charge

      1. >Or maybe Murazor was just a scapegoat

        It’s possible. One of the reasons Murazor was demoted was something about his attitude with the playerbase or something, so maybe they went with that (because clearly WG is very friendly and understanding and always willing to help).

  12. Tier 11 has been here for a while now some newer T10’s cannot really be called T10 anymore, and worse by far it now means that at times Tier 8 gets +3 MM ~ which with stupidly OP new Russian tanks like this arriving will become the norm +3 MM

  13. Why the FUCK do people care if “this tank is real” or “when it was produced’ or “is the armor/gun the same as it was when it was designed in 19xx?” I’m so sick of this idiotic argument.

    THIS IS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME, it’s not a tank encyclopedia. Historical accuracy doesn’t matter, realism doesn’t matter.

    Go outside if you want real life you fucking nerd.

    I don’t give a fuck if they add an ISE4088Tiger32CromwellBatmobile9000SpidermanThorHitlerRommelStalinTractorBenzChryslerFordVolvoHirohito93812387541923781237, as long as it’s balanced.


    1. “as long as it’s balanced.”

      That’s the source of the problem and why ppl care because these new soviet junks are all broken op

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