Straight Outta Supertest: Ruinberg Changes

Today, the developers present the proposed changes on the Ruinberg map, which already went to the Supertest. In general, some changes have been made to make it more playable, and many of them concern open space.

The open part of the map has been heavily changed – some buildings have been moved or removed, and the locations of several individual elements of the environment have been changed so as to increase the chances of effective firing. These changes should facilitate cooperation between the open and built-up part of the map.

11 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Ruinberg Changes

  1. Well, if you can get shots in the citycentre from southspawn it’s okay I guess… That’s what the south is lacking right now. Also you can get better TD support from the back. That was also one thing the north had over the south.

  2. So the new map dogma of 2018 is: opening up large part of maps, effectively making flap and plain open killing fields with no cover.

    To be more constructive:
    – The removal of a large portion of buildings is not a change for the better. It leads to a large area of this map to become too open, be unable to cross due to being a large killing field from the edges.
    — Such openness/flatness is what gave several reworked maps very bad feedback. That approach thus should be a NO-GO.
    – The terrain undulations shown. IMO they are a good change, a very good thing. They create sort of a “soft” cover or depending on depth/height line of sight disruption.

    IMO such low in height/depth terrain undulations should have been incorporated more in several maps that got reworked and were ill received in 1.0 due to plainly being made ‘too flat’ in combination with having been made ‘too open’. Where the only cover is at the edges of those areas.

    1. They are not creating a killing field. The north field is also more open, but that doesn’t work like a killing field at all. You can advance over the 0-line if you have cleared out the middle. Also the midridge is preventing longrange shots from the back. Those TD’s can only shoot the ridge, not any further.

      In a lot of maps (Fjords, Derpenberg) they have created killingfields. But I think it will not work out that way on this map. But we still have to see.


    Like seriously, the last round of changes already made this map worse than it was and now they are happily continuing it.

    1. But they aren’t. Currently the north team have a huge advantage with the map layout. With this change the south would at least have an equal advantage.

    2. Worse? The difference on how the fields work is the reasons I hate it. North can camp the bush line up the middle road and bully anything going middle in town, south can’t even see 5% of the middle of town when sitting in their bush line besides that one corner. North has their TD line along the A line as their field is open. South has to use the 0 line and get weird angles since buildings are covering up the field. It’s a tricky map for new players on mid to low tiers. And South always gets punished for it.

      It’s why I see north winning town more often vs less guns, as they can cover more of the map from field at the same time, while south has to get the enemy meds out the middle and avoid the 0 line TD’s to give the same support to town. North just have to hold their side too do the same. It’s been one sided and stupid for years. And I welcome this change.

      1. Had a match the other day on this map, we spawned in the North and lost. The majority of the team went field and camped the ridge in the middle, the south sent the majority of their team to the city. We had 4 tanks holding them up in the city and our field failed to take advantage of the overmatch and flank their city tanks.

        So while this should help the south team, don’t underestimate the power of stupidity.

  4. WTF is this, we NEED to change Fisherman bay and Erlenberg, other maps can wait…

  5. bah humbug.
    1) ruin berg was an ok map before it got the supertest magic inappropriate touch.

    2) supertesting ruins nearly everything.

    3) please fix mines, provinces for higher tiers, and malinovka, prokhorovka, airfield, fishermans bay for…ALL TIERS. Yes I know you only just finished inappropriately touching fishermans bay and provinces but….


    1. Supertest shouldn’t be the problem, but the testes. Those are all Russian sub-50% bobs.

      I don’t get it. They have CC’s like QB, Circon, Mark GFL, Dez, etc, who are perfectly competent to give them intelligent feedback. They want the best for the game and they understand every aspect of it. They can look at balance objectively and somehow I get the feeling that our Russian supertesters are having trouble with that…

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