Wot Supertest – KV-5 Changes

All the changes in a condensed form.


Changed the standard ammo penetration from 167 mm to 218 mm
Changed the premium ammo penetration from 219 to 243 mm
Changed the alpha damage from 300 to 330
Changed the DPM from 2190 to 2429.2
Decreased the reload time from 8.219 s to 8.151 s
Changed the RPM from 7.30 to 7.311
Changed the accuracy from 0.416 to 0.412
Reduced the aim time from 2.74 s to 2.68 s


Lower front plate increased from 210 to 220 mm
Loader turret thickness increased from 150 to 190 mm
Radio-operator turret thickness increased from 180 to 200 mm
Driver turret thickness increased from 150 to 200 mm
The overall front thickness of the main turret will be 220 mm
Main turret side armor decreased from 180 to 150 mm
Main turret back armor decreased from 180 to 120 mm
Rear hull armor (upper part) decreased from 145 to 95 mm
Rear hull armor (lower part) decreased from 243 to 93 mm


Changed the shell cost to damage ratio from 0.9 to 0.818
Matchmaking increased to X tier


26 thoughts on “Wot Supertest – KV-5 Changes

  1. This tank will be useless in tier 10 battles.
    Well done WG, well done…


    2. No worse than most tier 8s.

      This is a good change. Pref MM is a bandaid.

  2. Thats a big fucking Nerf to the KV5.
    Besides the okish gun stats its gonna face Tier 10s and geht a minor Amor buff + extrem amor nerf to sides and back.
    Reverse sidescaping was the big thing in kv5. Now useless.

    I bought a smm Tank and i whant it to stay smm !!!!
    just fix MM and buff it to be good against tier 9 but DONT touch smm.
    The whole point of buying this tank (like other smm Tanks) was the SMM !

    If we let them do this – then this will be only the start of nerfing and doing what ever they whant to ANY prem tank. Dont let them go true with this !

    1. Good, let them start rebalancing premiums and quit your whinging. Wargaming needs to prove they can adhere to their own ToS. I’ve been waiting since they lost their balls after the SuperPershing rework.

      1. Re-balancing premiums a good thing my dude not a bad thing.

  3. the point of the KV-5 is that it bullies mediums, this amount of pen is in no way adequate to deal with tier 10 vehicles. if anything this “buff” is extending and worsening the problem the vehicle has now, not fixing it

    1. Exactly this, it makes the tank better at what it’s already good at (bouncing low tiers and tier 8s who don’t shoot gold, bullying low tiers with dpm) while taking away pref matchmaking which let it actually see low tiers to do that

      Functionally it still has no armour against tier 9s, 10s and 8s firing gold, patriots and is3s can go through it with standard, and in exchange you’re gonna fight more of those tanks than ever

  4. They can’t make armour useful because the 357 MM prevents it. And they couldn’t make it useful until it is ridiculous as the Japanese HTs….

  5. WG doesnt understand how to make armor work properly.

    Give it a turret front that can bounce same tier and even some higher tiers reliable. It should have at least 255 mm effective armor. On the other side however, nerf the R2D2 again to about 175 mm. Same and also lower tiers should be able to deal (penetrate) with the tanks weakspots.

    Now you have a tank that can work well with skill. A good player hides the R2D2 and thus is able to have bigtime armor. A good enemy however knows about its weakspots and is able to deal damage to the colloseus and thus knows how to deal with it.

    The tank driver himself and also its enemies would benefit from thier skills and knowledge. This is what makes a game a healthy game. Its actually all that easy.

    Unless there is something like goldammo in the game which gives you penetration values that are usually reserved for vehicles two tiers higher and thus can destroy the advantage of armor completely.

    1. Why should someone get skill, if u can buy Gold Ammo to penetrate mostly everything without any Plan of the Game, just because pay2win
      But WG realized it, and startet to do something after 8 Years, lets see if it will get balanced in the next 2 years

  6. While I agree that the tank isn’t going to be competitive in Tier X matches….

    People are forgetting 1 thing. The tanks 7000 or so gold only and expect it to be as strong as the Defender or Lowe, which are 10000+ golds.

    Compare it to the same value tanks like Panther 8.8 or FV4202 which are at 7300 gold each. The KV-5 stats wise might beat those two.

    1. You are clearly an idiot.
      I won’t even comment on that bullshit that you wrote.

      1. This is very clear indeed. For anybody who doesnt understand it:
        That guy above actually stated that it is completely legit, that more expensive tanks should be more competetive than cheaper tanks. In other words, pay2win is completely legit.

  7. #refundPMM

    WG can nerf all they want and take away pref MM, but they should offer a cash refund to dissatisfied owners.

  8. WG is running in a shitcircle, a circle made of shit. A tier 8 heavy tank with too much pen and armor will still suck dicks as bottom tier and be completely broken when top tier. Apparently +1/-1 mm is not an option, according to devs, because long wait times blah blah, OK. Make differences between tiers much less prominent? That’s an option, but then progression will suffer, you won’t feel improvement by going up a tier that much. Yeah, it’s a shitcircle with no obvious way out.

  9. There’s always a way out. If they just CAN’T balance some tanks, they can let them suck but compensate, for example with much more cash/experience earning potential.

    So we will take inferior tanks into battle, die like a HP pinata but come off with twice the silver and exp reward. And if we play good and win, than even more. Keeps all sides happy, and does not require complicated game braking solutions.

    This is a common real world solution to similar complicated problems. Throw money at it. And it’s not like the silver/gold in this game is somehow real, just numbers, so no real expense.

  10. It is funny how no one seems to notice the reason beyond broken mm and these problems is to many players playing tier x and to many gold shells being fired.

    Wich is caused by the lack of a real credit sink, coupled to easy credit gains, wich is caused partly by,… premium tanks 😂

    1. Oh really, theres so much Gold flying in the Battles, and i thought its only 5% Gold flying in the games, not 100% like in about half the games

  11. I don’t see the side armor nerf from 150mm to 130mm in these supertest patchnotes.
    Does that mean it got canceled? That would be nice.

    Though the driver and radiooperator turrets are mixed up in the patchnotes with the radiooperators turret current thickness being 140/150mm and the drivers turret 180 (185 effective) mm at the front.

    So possibly just an error in the patchnotes.

    Also I wonder if they touch the frontplate of the enginedeck that sticks up behind the turret or if it will remain a 140mm weakspot. And they didn’t say anything about the commanders cupola.

  12. what the fk….. they fk up the KV5, then fix it to a tank which will still get shafted by the inevitable tier 9 and 10s it will face all the time. But don’t worry you can swap it for another premium but have to pay MORE for that…. where do I sign up for the class action against Wargaming?

  13. The funny part in the KV5 changes is it just highlights how bad the KV4 is now.

    RIP KV4 probably my favorite tank.

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