BDR G1 B – MORDIAN STYLE SET available on EU


Price around 9.5 €.






Give your already powerful French BDR G1 B an even more menacing look with the Mordian style set from Warhammer 40,000!

Warhammer 40,000, Valhallan, Mordian and Astra Militarum © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2018. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

22 thoughts on “BDR G1 B – MORDIAN STYLE SET available on EU

  1. wow! now my steel potato will look even cooler! sad it overpriced

  2. Me : “I’m playing world of tanks because i love to see old tanks, prototypes, and real projects”

    WG : “nEw pReMiUm BdR g1B wArHaMmEr 40k”

    1. sadly there are people that want this shit… but at least it is only a camo and we can turn unhistorical elements off

      1. Are you kidding? This is amazing. I honestly think that whoever turns unhinstorical elements off is a boring asshole.

      2. If you play World of Tanks for historical accuracy then youre just stupid, youre playing the wrong game

    1. I don’t have problems with it. If people are stupid enough to buy it, that’s fine. I can turn it off, I don’t have to see it.

      But you have to wonder why you would spend that much money on a skin that nobody wants to see. You are purely doing it for yourself.

  3. As much as WH40k tanks are fucking cool, this on the other hand, is simply stupid. This is the laziest, most uninspired job they ever did. On a shitty fucking tier V french heavy as well. This is like putting plastic horns on a donkey and calling it an ox.

    1. BDR kinda looks like Leman Russ. I guess it’s the only reason they made a skin for it.

      1. Yeah it does, but it still a BDR with a few shitty decals. Why not remodel it into a Leman Russ? Same stats, just a remodel. Too much work and money I guess.

  4. wow, maybe one of the worst tanks ever for its tier… and they made a premium version of it.. BRAVO

  5. Make all premium tanks without money (farming, unlock them, missions etc) and I will pay 10€ for camo but otherwise a big NO!

  6. At least it doesn’t look like a complete eye-sore – Pretty expensive for a “look” though…

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