6 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm Available on EU

  1. Meh. No.

    I’ll stick to my Sentinel AC IV if I want to kick butts while playing a support med.

  2. 15EUR is too much for this crap….
    The turret is very good though. The rest is crap.
    It is not worthwhile to buy premiums below Tier 8 (they earn too little money) anyway, unless you can get a crew with free BIA perk.

  3. well, my T-34-85M serves me great. it earns money (though not as much as a tier 8), plays niceyle (even as lowtier) and trains my crew very good.

    Schmalturm is a different story. as WG in their wisdom inclines to give the 300 PS tier 4 motor to it, it is slow as h*ll and almost every hit to the hull leaves you with a damaged or even destroyed engine, slowing you down to T95ish speed.

    the gun is nice but not great (DPM is better on Cromwell and T-34-85M), the gunhandling is okay.

    the turret is “ok”, because 120mm of frontal armor are not even close to great, when even many tier 5 meds can pen you there, as it is almost flat. and dont even talk about hull armor *giggles*.

    it was once great on tier 5 as a counter to the mighty KV-1 with the ZiS-6 (or the 152mm derp). but that is like 5 years ago.

  4. I’ll be the hipster and claim I found this tank to be pretty decent. Not an amazing credit earner cos Tier 6, but overall good enough, also the turret can be surprisingly durable. I play mine either as a turreted TD (bottom tier) or a mini Ravioli (mid-top tier).

  5. Please, please, please sell it on NA. I would quite literally trade my entire garage for that tank

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