Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm Available on EU

Tank and slot, 15 €.



6 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm Available on EU

  1. 15EUR is too much for this crap….
    The turret is very good though. The rest is crap.
    It is not worthwhile to buy premiums below Tier 8 (they earn too little money) anyway, unless you can get a crew with free BIA perk.


  2. well, my T-34-85M serves me great. it earns money (though not as much as a tier 8), plays niceyle (even as lowtier) and trains my crew very good.

    Schmalturm is a different story. as WG in their wisdom inclines to give the 300 PS tier 4 motor to it, it is slow as h*ll and almost every hit to the hull leaves you with a damaged or even destroyed engine, slowing you down to T95ish speed.

    the gun is nice but not great (DPM is better on Cromwell and T-34-85M), the gunhandling is okay.

    the turret is “ok”, because 120mm of frontal armor are not even close to great, when even many tier 5 meds can pen you there, as it is almost flat. and dont even talk about hull armor *giggles*.

    it was once great on tier 5 as a counter to the mighty KV-1 with the ZiS-6 (or the 152mm derp). but that is like 5 years ago.


  3. I’ll be the hipster and claim I found this tank to be pretty decent. Not an amazing credit earner cos Tier 6, but overall good enough, also the turret can be surprisingly durable. I play mine either as a turreted TD (bottom tier) or a mini Ravioli (mid-top tier).

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