1.0.1_3 Micropatch – 9 May

PS: There’s the Russian military parade in Moscow tomorrow. As usual, we’ll post it here too.


The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 09.05.2018 for approximately 35 minutes:

  • Both servers starting from 06:30 CEST
  • WoT EU1 starting from 07:00 CEST
  • WoT EU2 starting from 06:00 CEST


Micropatch will be applied at:

Planned Restart:
World of Tanks NA – 05:30 AM (CST) May 9th 2018 scheduled for 30 minutes

Unplanned Maintenance:
World of Tanks NA – 06:00 AM (CST) May 9th 2018 scheduled for 45 minutes
LATAM will be unavailable during this time

* Reduced the number of bonds for receiving the Supreme Gun achievement from 25 to 10.
* Reduced the number of bonds for receiving the Small Army achievement from 20 to 10.
* Reduced the number of bonds for receiving the General of Army achievement from 100 to 40.

8 thoughts on “1.0.1_3 Micropatch – 9 May

  1. Why do good players get again punished? This is a huge nerf to be honest to the income of it… I am surprised how fast they are in nerfing this but not nerfing the object 268V4. But hey. atleast you can still get those spicy FPS drops :/

      1. This. If they realize they might give away a bit to much to good players, they rush a micropatch. But nerfing that bobject… Nope.

        Looks like Foch’s Bobject rant was a day to early. Seb, could you post that one?

  2. Yeah, exactly, why to nerf object 268v4 if they can make some money out of all players skipping the line with gold. But giving something away that needs to be stopped right now!

  3. did WG shitters fix anything at all FPS drops? the shiiter MM the shitter team MM
    fix any Maps?
    bring any New Maps

    Improve Frontline so as its a permanent mode
    remove the T8 rentals ~ kinda fucks over anyone grind up and play to T8 or buy a T8 Premium?

    hey have a FREE tank …

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