23 thoughts on “Become a Polish Community Manager!

  1. Poland is far ahead, intellectually, technologically and morally over most Eastern Europe. And has the largest playerbase. Spends most money on WoT.

    1. yeah, eastern europe! still have to learn a lot from the west though

    2. wtf are you talking about? I never say in any other EU country so few peoples talking in english like in poland. I was driving on highway trough all poland, stopped in 5 places to take some snatches and coffe and… and only in one place I found personal who is talking english. Yeh, intellectually country.

  2. Polska players are shit cunts in every online games.
    IQ level is below average!

  3. Poland is ahead racially as Polish people are direct decendant of the original caucasians in Europe. I wish that could be said about czech and romanian people but they are mix between ottomans and germanic people.

  4. Pawel_PL, I see you are a proud polska…. Ok
    But STOP spread fake news about other nations if you don’t know Europe history!
    In every online game polska players are act like bots.
    Every east, west, north, south european knows so shut up next time because nobody hates Poland as nation. THEY HATE STUPID BOTS with _PL in nicknames and kurwa in chat!
    PS: I’m romanian, have you hear about Dacians?

  5. stop being big racists guys !
    i know good players in Poland, and i know some dumb people in any European country.
    Saying things like that PROVE that your own IQ is just above minimum !
    I hate racists, so stfu please !

    be smart and open minded, and don’t reduce an idea based on few bad examples.

    i would kick some asses if i could

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