EU Top of the Tree: Object 268 Version 4


The Community has spoken and picked the Top of the Tree for the month! This May, the spotlight is on the speedy and well-armoured Object 268 Version 4, so check the discounts below to command this Soviet tank destroyer. Use the discounts and bonuses on this tank line from 1 May at 07:00 to 1 June at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


50% discount on purchasing the following vehicles:

30% discount on purchasing the following vehicles:

+50% Crew XP bonus on all vehicles discounted in the special



26 thoughts on “EU Top of the Tree: Object 268 Version 4

  1. Good time to grind the SU-100M1. Such a bad vehicle when I first tried it (back when the top gun had 175 pen), but now it’s the baby brother of the 268 v4. 😀


  2. I miss all the pro blyatmobiles bois here trying to debunk this shits nothing but a godsend to game play, game balance and enjoyment for the whole player base.

    Common bois where art thou? /s :”)

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    1. JPZ sucks but at least it does somewhat counter this aids tank.

      Although the 268 4 can just easily drive around the jpz because its twice as fast as it should be.

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    1. Well, compare it to the Badger or Jageruu. It has better armor and is twice as mobile. Last week i could hardly overtake one in my AMX30 proto…

      Having armor is ok I guess, but they should nerf the reverse speed to 13 kph or so, now it is 20 kph if i am correct. That’s just ridiculous. Also they should limit the top speed to 35 kph. 55 is just brutal.

      The average winrate on this thing is 57,88% and the average damage is 2602 at this moment on vbaddict. ‘Nuff said…

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      1. They should definetely NOT nerf the top speed, it’s the main feature of this line. 268/4 will be very hard to nerf without turning it into complete trash.


        1. Lmao, you must own and drive this tank as much as possible.

          “very hard to nerf”

          cut the armor in half.



          1. If you cut armor severely then this thing will lose it’s main feature. What I can think right now: nerf p/w, nerf top speed from 55 to 50, nerf backward speed from 22(!) to 18 or even 15, cut armor on weakspots. Also nerf gun handling severely, this thing 0.12 dispersion when moving and turning, better than medium tanks. Make it at least 0.16 or even 0.18, nerf aiming time from 2 seconds to like 2.5. Why am I doing the job of a balancing department?


  3. It’s good vehicle when it can use it advantages but it can’t hit shit from distance and it’s one of the easiest vehicles to detrack (you just can’t miss those tracks). Easiest way to determine OP vehicles is just to check which ones are regularly used in CWs right? Nerf them all?


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