Top of the Tree: Progetto M40 mod. 65

You know the drill. New month, new Top of the Tree! And for the upcoming 30 days, we’ll celebrate summer the Italian way, with a special focus on the Progetto M40 mod. 65. Make sure to check the discounts below if you want to add this beast and its great all-around gun to your garage, or more Italian tanks.
The following discounts and bonuses on this tank line run from 1 July at 07:00 to 1 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).
50% discount on purchasing the following vehicles:

30% discount on purchasing the following vehicles:

+50% Crew XP per battle with each vehicle discounted in this special

EU: Top of the Tree: T-100 LT

Source: Portal

The Community has chosen! In April, the spotlight is on the T-100 LT, so check the discounts below and command this Soviet light tank. As an active scout, take advantage of its superior speed and camouflage value, as well as the bouncy armour, and you’ll be the most feared light tank on the battlefield. Use the discounts and bonuses on this tank line from 1 April at 07:00 to 1 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

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Top of the Fail Tree – Update


Hello everyone,

I have just noticed that Wargaming decided to read the complains about the “Top of the Tree” and changed a few things. If you remember my last post about this, the new Top of the Tree was going to give access, to anyone who voted for the winning tank, a set of special missions. WGEU created a topic in the Official EU Forum and asked for our opinion, and a lot of people complained about how the vote was conducted, and how people were only voting on the already winning tank, because you could see the results even before you voted. Seems they decided to read the complains and they have changed the following:

Important: We have listened to your opinions and suggestions following our reworked Top of the Tree Special announcement earlier this month and decided to make some important changes:
  • We noticed that many of you felt compelled to vote with the majority instead of picking the vehicle you genuinely want to be featured next. That’s why, starting immediately, eligibility for special missions will not depend on your vote in the poll.
  • Moreover, so as not to exclude anyone from enjoying this event to the fullest, we will grant players who have unlocked the vehicle in the past with the access to special missions as well.
Overall, it means that Top of the Tree missions will be available for every player who has the vehicle chosen by Community vote in their garage.

In my opinion, it still is a Top of the Fail Tree but at least anyone who owns the chosen tank will have access to the missions, and not just a chosen few voters. Not a great improvement, but better than nothing. Well done WGEU.


Top of the Fail Tree


Everyone knows that Wargaming decided to change how the Top of the Tree Specials work. The new idea is that from March, it will be the players who choose what tank, from a class, will be the next Top of the Tree, and if you vote in the winning tank, you get access to special missions.

Up to this point I liked the idea of getting special missions, but then decided to have a look at it and see how it’s doing up the moment and analyse all the small details.

It’s been a week since you can vote, it started on 8th February, for what Tier X Heavy tank you want for Top of the Tree, and I decided to make an analysis of current results. I was surprised with the number of votes, in one week only 12,053 players actually bothered with voting.

Number of votes on English language – as per 18:00 – 15/02/2016

Looking at the average number of players that are currently active in the EU Server, we get a number as high as 763,000 players that currently play World of Tanks (source from What can we see from this?

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