Supertest: T-34/E (+HD Renders)

T-34/E (uparmored) is one of the projects created to improve the armor of the T-34 mass-produced tanks. This particular variant of uparmoring was developed under the leadership of I. Burcewa. During polygon tests and tests carried out by the Red Army, it showed high efficiency against 37mm and 50mm anti-tank guns, unfortunately it was ineffective when using 88mm and even 75mm rounds. The test samples were nevertheless sent to the front, where they were tested in the battle.

From the looks of it, it has spaced armor.

Remember that the characteristics of this vehicle are being tested at the moment and each of the parameters listed below may change.

T-34/E. Proposed parameters

Tier: MT-5, USSR, premium
HP: 500
Engine: 500 hp
Mass: 31,9 t
Maximum load: 34 t
Power-to-weight: 15,67 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 56 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 36 °/s
Turret turning speed: 36 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,247 / 2,205
View range: 340 m
Radio range: 547,5 m

Hull armor: 45 / 40 (+16) / 40 mm
Turret armor: 45 / 45 (+16) / 45 (+16) mm

Gun: 76 mm F-34 (1943)

Alpha Damage: 110 / 110 / 156
Penetration: 120 / 150 / 38 mm
Rate of fire: 15,643 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 720,7
Reload time: 3,836 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,43
Aiming time: 2,3 s
Depression: -8

Crew: 4 people – Commander, Radio Operator, Driver, Loader.


25 thoughts on “Supertest: T-34/E (+HD Renders)

    1. This, so much. Truth is this pudgy fellow wanted to become big and strong and ended up eating too many combat rations.

      Normally I ignore Tier 5 and below premiums, but I’m willing to make an exception for this. 😀

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  1. Its Tier 5
    unlike the T34-85M it wont see T8 (huge difference

    as a T5 tank it will get a lot of T4 and T6 games not so much T7
    playing at T5 you wont face that many OP made up paper tanks
    – like you do playing at T6 – all those new T8 paper non-exist Premiums now/ coming into WOT

    of course T5 and T6 skill levels are indifferent so it likely to be a Fun tank ~ if you like fun


  2. Long story of game balance, or the lack there off.

    For most folks tier 5 doesn’t matter and for most (while reading all comments above) is seen as a “fun tank”.
    (unless one thinks stuff like type4/5/252U’s/268v4’s is perfectly good in terms of balance..)

    In regard of the greater balance picture, think about the following for a some time:
    is the development of the past 2 years, the continuation of the current “new meta” and “balance” down the tiers, overall good for the overall health of game balance, or not? IMO it is not, not for any game’s balance for that matter.
    Old game content, which hasn’t (has hardly) been touched in years due to it being rather balanced, is obliviously being ignoring now. This has been happening on tier 6+ for some time already, tier 5 being untouched.

    IMO this premium T-34E perfectly falls in line with said current meta development, but pushing it down further to tier 5.

    It’s 76mm retrained the current but old 76mm F-34 stats of: rof / dpm / aim stats. While getting a straight buff in penetration thru an AMMO change. This without offsetting some significant stat, like it’s rof, to keep it balanced.
    Thus this premium will have the best combination of: DPM, penetration and probably armor of any tier 5 medium. Just take the T-34 + S-54 as example comparison, or any of the Shermans with the 76mm.

    One tier higher the same happened with the recently buffed T-34-85M.
    By it’s change of AMMO type resulting in straight PEN & ALPHA buff (160 to 180), while keeping the S-53 base gun stats and not offsetting that somewhere else.
    It also has become one of the best mediums (a premium at that) at tier 6, compared to the other mediums in the tech tree.

    I somehow do miss the old times, from before the two idiots took charge in the likes of: Murazor and Pankov.


    1. Depends on how you look at it. DPM is on pair with the Matilda IV, that also has better armor tbh, and even spaced armor on the side, way faster aim time and less dispersion. This will have mobility and pen over it. But DPM is still way lower then even most tier 5 meds inc premiums that have just a bit less pen and better soft stats on the gun. As with 0.43 dispersion… Like the Matilda BP it’s not gonna be a sniper. Nor will it be a bully med. Tbh… on paper it seems to be a better option over the Matilda IV… but that’s about it.

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      1. I do get where your coming from.
        While looking good on paper being good a tier 5, in the end really won’t matter that much. You could be right, could also become what we have seen happening on tier 6 (and up) for quite some instances now. That trend is one that worries for me tbh.

        (for now exclude zhe Germans + French G1, Crusadar, their DPM is about the same)

        Although it’s base acc is indeed worse, it’s 1720 DPM + 120 pen from the straight ammunition buff, is what worries me tbh. It’s bad accuracy is not really that important due to general lower engagement distances at that tier (unless that meta changed).

        This DPM + pen combination is better than most of the rest of the tt nation mediums.
        These generally have sub 1600 DPM figures, for same kind of ammunition pen+alpha + gunstats.
        Quick comparison (disregard the crusader):

        (you have to manually compare it, 34E is not in db)

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      2. To be honest,this should be inferior to something like a Pz III/IV,which is quite similiar to this,while the Pz III/IV has amazing power/weight ratio and traverse speed as well,maybe even better upper plate armor since it has 80mm effective while being slopped,closer to 110mm.I would say it will be good at tier 5,nothing more nothing else,looking forward for the final version of the tank since I like tier 5 premiums.


  3. Same gun on many russians matilda iv and normal 76mm t-34….but with way higher pen…Just goes to keep showing that wargaming does’nt give a shit about balance as they laugh it back in cyprus. Fuck em. And the retarded prem ammo buffs too because of all the heavy armor around these days

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