1.0.1 Patch Release Date

As reported by Russian sources, the release date of the new patch on the RU server was scheduled for May 2, and more specifically on the night from 1 to 2. The EU/NA servers will probably receive the patch the next day, and ASIA a week later as usual.


13 thoughts on “1.0.1 Patch Release Date

  1. “Small” list of what I really, really miss in WG development plan of WoT and is IMO being detrimental to the overall balance and long term longevity of this game.

    – Too few new maps (ex Province for a sec) or more reworked maps being added back (has been to low for a year+ now imo);
    – Removal of some maps but not others (like Paris which gained worse rep than some other maps that were recently removed);
    – No rework on location issues on some of current/reworked HD maps (Fish-bay/Fjords/Erlenberg)
    – No added tier restrictions on sub 1km maps (like Mines/Ensk);
    – No actual balance fixes being applied to tanks that are a severe disruption of said balance;
    – No actual balance fixes being applied to struggling tech tree vehicles on all tiers;
    – New vehicles being added (IMO for example some Italians) that on average are better in their own tier that current content in the same tier.
    – Continuation of the current vision, of harmful, development of meta and balance;
    – No changes in MM template priority, especially lowering of 357 priority (which WG claims could be done on the fly in the new system…)
    – No changes to platoon MM weighting, weighing a platoon higher resulting in more bottom tier games.

    A good start though is untying of ‘gold price’ from premium ammo. I’ll be following this development, hope they will tackles this correctly, though I’m not holding my breath over it and I’ll be expecting the worse.

    From 1.0 release I have seen nothing that has been the lure to lure me back to WoT, 1.01 also doesn’ t bring anything that caters to this will. Which I find a real shame TBH, as the new graphics are freaking fabulous…


      1. It’s what you call a waist or not, it’s a saturday afterall 😉 , why I am still engaged? Well I still hope for change.

        Untill that hope has turned to shambles I’ll keep voicing my concerns in a diligent way 😉


    1. @Gkirmathal: You obviuosly dont understand MM. You actualy want even more tanks with preferential MM when writing something like that:
      ” No actual balance fixes being applied to tanks that are a severe disruption of said balance;
      – No actual balance fixes being applied to struggling tech tree vehicles on all tiers;”

      just forget it.


      1. Nope, but my apologies, I do understand the template MM system very very well.
        It is most players (perhaps you as well, no personal offense meant 😉 ) who have forgotten what changes came AFTER it was first released in 9.18, especially with the 9.19 patch.

        See patch notes of 9.19, under point 9: https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/919-update-notes/

        That change ALONE, up to this day since May 2017, is the source of most of all the negative feedback regarding 357 template system and being bottom tier too often (also esp in platoons).
        But the initial release in 9.18 of the template MM, got largely positive feedback BTW, even from me!

        But folks have forgotten this FACT and have forgotten the FACT what changes 9.19 brought to the game.

        About tech tree vehicle unbalances…well that has very little to to with the MM and some issues stem from even before the new template system 😉


  2. I have to play tier 8 with preferential match making in order to not get into tier 10 games. Being top tier with a tier 8 tanks happens less and less.
    Camo works in a mysterious way, pen does not work because it is impossible to not obliterate AMX light tank with an 105mm gun


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