In-game Chat Warning Message

If you receive a message from someone who is not on your friends list, a special notification will now appear to remind you of potential problems you may encounter by opening messages from people you do not know.


8 thoughts on “In-game Chat Warning Message

    1. True that, but usually these people are raging too much, therefore they remain in their shit and refuse to open their eyes and mind, and to admit they were wrong.

      Besides, when you are “reported for bot” when you just play a tank conveniently and that these people keep saying this,no matter what you say to prove they’re wrong…


  1. I’ve been spammed for the last month, day in and day out, with garage chat messages about gold and other “goodies”. And always different accounts. Just for the lol’s, I sent a report about this and WG wroted me back, At least, they pay some kind of attention…

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  2. Let me guess. It’s the solution WG came up with for the spam of late? Tho to be fair, besides banning the bot accounts “that will make new 5 min later”, there is not much they can do besides have a min limit on new accounts before they can use PM’s. Tho they will just bot their way past that to like the old gold “sellers” did when they were an issue 4-5 years ago.


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