Czołg T wz51 vs Defender: Stat Comparison

Made by halmyradov

252U Czolg 51
Hitpoints 1500 1550
View Range 350 380
Top speed 35/14 35/14
Power to Weight 13.59 14.33
Gun Depression 6 10
Gun Dispersion 0.42 0.345
Reload Time 14.38s 12.945s
DPM 1835.43 2039.4
Alpha 440 440
Penetration 225 218
Shell Velocity 1000m/s 1007m/s
Hull Armor 130/100 170/90
Turret Armor 250/150 210/150



25 thoughts on “Czołg T wz51 vs Defender: Stat Comparison

  1. Not surprised. Damn WG can’t do anything in moderation and won’t ever understand the word balance. Just look st the RU tanks. Or Defender and Tiger 2, one needs love. The other shouldn’t have ever been put into the game.
    We will have to see if they decide to make this tank totally pay to win or not.


    1. Tiger2 is not the problem I see. WG keeps buffing T9 tanks and there’s T8 premium power creep. In the mean time, I can’t remember that any of T7 or T6 was buffed and tier scaling gets just as broken as T8 pay to win balance. WG is doing everything to make free-to-play tiers unplayable and to spam premium ammo in every tank. This makes game more expensive, because premium account is not enough and premium tanks are becoming obsolete (Mutz was considered OP not so long time ago). Surprisingly there are not good T7 premiums except E25 which is more completely broken than OP.


  2. Gee, that tank is going to be fun to play against. I honestly would’t mind all of these stats with only one exception- armor. But if WG nerfs the shit out of the armor, the cancer level drops dramatically.


  3. Penetration is lower, side armor is shit, most probably lower and upper plate are worse, and above all aim time is COMPLETE SHIT 3,26 sec !!!! But then again, these are WoT players complaining, saltiest and whiniest community in the world…

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    1. if the lower and upper plate are both 170mm, then the upperplate will be round about 330mm+ effective armor because of the angling, and the lower plate looks like it is even more angled than on the defender, so if it is 170mm as well it will be 30mm thicker than defender lower plate at a better angle. and the aimtime is only a bit worse than the defender, but you get better accuracy. Dont see how you can think this tank would be worse…


  4. Here is the armor layout video of the new Polish heavy tank. The hull is not that cancer, only the driver hatch is 170mm with 220mm effective armor, the lfp is 110mm with 190mm effective armor, comparing to 300 ufp of defender lol

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      1. For me, aside of the ridiculous -10 gun depression, the gun is kinda balanced, good accuracy countered by long aim time, bad premium ammo penetration. If they can reduce the gun depression back to -6 or -7 then this tank is ready to go


  5. The dispersion, gun depression and maybe viewrange could use a tweak (0.38 dispersion, -6 gun depression and 360 viewrange seem more reasonable values for this kind of tank). Still doubt it will be better than Defender, that was and still is a mistake.


  6. It dies only have -8 degrees gun depression and lower plate is very thin. Whoever believes that this tank will come even close to the defenders opness, also believed wg that t-34-3 was a good alternative for type 59.


  7. This Tiger Day mission is is a joke.With my tier 6 Tiger 131 and Heavy tank no 6 I was lucky to get a few tier 2 tier 6 battles the rest tier 8 which I cant pen shit with the normal 145 pen.The Tiger 1 and Tiger P gets out classed due to fact of their speed and your facing tier 9’s constantly.The Tiger 2 is so outdated I cant pen anything.All these heavy tanks needs to go with the mediums in order to be able to do any damage.The JT 8.8 can at least shoot the shit out of the new Italian premiums lol and does hold its ground but not for long when facing the new tier 9’s.The Jagdtiger is the only option left thats capable of doing any damage if played right.WG should look at these old tanks and rebuff them instead of just dumping new tanks that you cant pen.But WG does’nt read this so they dont give a shit anyway as long as they can make money.

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  8. Hey, we wont sell the Defender anytime soon, as the community wanted it that way. But in the meantime, you can buy this even more OP tank, Defender 2.0.

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  9. So new tank, more OP than the Defender in almost every way and if top tier will literally go through anything it can meet. Because why not really fuck with the players and paying customers.


  10. The stats are absolutely adequate. After all, the Polish were the greatest tank-building nation in the world! Lol.
    That’s the problem when you design tanks exclusively based on blueprints. Those who did the blueprints sometimes just wrote down what they wanted rather than what was realistic. Once prototypes were built it became soon apparent that you would have to make compromises somewhere.


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