WoT Supertest – New Grand Battle Map Prototype

Work on the new maps is in progress and we’re able to share some info about tests of a new Grand Battle map.

Today, two prototypes of a soviet summer map have made it to the Supertest. Both have the atmosphere of fierce battles with the attacking Wehrmacht. The tests will help us pick one variant.

Both prototypes are mixed maps, combining city structures and open spaces, so that each type of vehicle can have a chance to shine. The map has a lot of space to maneuver, snipe, and brawl.

The first prototype reminds a classic map with a hybrid play style, where everyone can achieve greatness and help the team being victorious.


The second prototype is more innovative, due to being asymmetric. The respawn points are placed in such a way that one team needs to be aggressive, and and the other needs to defend and counterattack. Tests will show which version of the map will be more suitable for future implementation.