Supertest: Czołg T wz51

The Polish tree’s introduction to the game will be preceded by a premium tank – the Project 51 prototype from the early 1950s. It will be a traditional Tier VIII heavy tank with good frontal armor (you’ll love the turret and upper plate armor), having okay damage (440) and the depression angle at -8 degrees, which means it can be effective on uneven terrain too. This tank will feel good playing mainly on short and medium distances, easily breaking through defense lines. It is difficult to find a direct comparison to another already existing tank, so this one has a good chance to become an interesting addition to the game.

Remember that the stats of this vehicle are being tested at the moment and each of the parameters listed below may change.


Tier: HT-8, Polska, premium
HP: 1 550
Engine: 750 hp
Mass: 52,345 t
Maximum load: 59,9 t
Power-to-weight: 14,33 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 35 / -14 km / h
Hull turning speed: 38 °/s
Turret turning speed: 29,2 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,438 / 2,205
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 525 m

Hull armor: 170 / 90 / 80 mm
Turret armor: 210 / 150 / 100 mm

Gun: 122 mm wz.43/50

Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 560
Penetration: 218 / 245 / 68 mm
Rate of fire: 4,635 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 039,4
Reload time: 12,945 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,345
Aiming time: 3,26 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20

More Pictures:


HD Renders:


41 thoughts on “Supertest: Czołg T wz51

    1. I’m not so sure, the tracks extend a bit more than the hull, shooting the idler wheel will often result in missing the hull, in addition the wheel itself will act as spaced armour and it seems that close to 50% of it is above the hull line, getting past it will result in missing the hull or hitting the sloped armour
      in addition the roadwheels are reasonably large and the sideskirt seems thick enough (10~15mm?), I’m guessing that from the side the only viable target will be the base of the turret and turret side since the tracks and sideskirt will probably absorve most of the hits


      1. My point exactly. It’s like a semi Black Prince track design.

        If no one looks at the armor on any tank inspector, they won’t ever pen this thing.


  1. It all depends on the armor model and the presence or absence of weakspots. Seeing 170 at the front makes me skeptical though. The last thing the game needs is another Defender.


    1. +Concinus I was also concearned at first but then I realized that it’s 170mm so that the driver viewport can at least bounce some lower tier shots, they did mention that even so it’s effective armour is close to 200mm but that is a value within reach of several tanks
      amongst the Tier 8 heavies only the T32 cannot pen it since it’s the only one with less than 200mm of pen with standard ammo due to it’s gun being way too overnerfed, the other one is the Vk.45.02 (P) Ausf.A with exactly 200mm of pen, which might not be enough due to RNG, the rest of the non-premium tanks have 212mm of penetration or more without gold ammo

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  2. Best tanks are imaginary tanks. But who am I to complain, historical accuracy is rarely used in game, to justify some ubernerf. All WOT tanks are imaginary to some extent, and all it takes a few numbers changed and voila, jump a few tiers up or down.

    So far, this one looks good, like the faerie tale it is. Hope they marathon it like the italian.


  3. Since when is 440 dmg okayish?
    Afaik only defender has that much at that tier (not counting derp guns for obvious reasons)

    Anyone remembers the time t-34 sacrificed everything to have turret armour, gun depression and highest alpha in tier?

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      1. VK100 and mauerbrecher have 128mm guns, and this one and defender have 122mm guns, so they’re not that far off, since more 122mm guns have 440 alpha.


  4. Holy Hell that 170mm is armor better not be referring to that well angled driver port “weakspot”. If it is this thing is going to be even dumber and more game breaking than the defender

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  5. This thing has 440 alpha and almost 440 more dpm than the Löwe and T34… Oh wait, it also has better mobility and better armor.

    I like the model though, looks nice. Napkin or not.

    I hope this thing will get nerfed when testing proves that it can be a new Defender. Time will tell.

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    1. Don’t count on it, WG wants players to (read: pay for xp conversion) free xp it. And if it is but a mediocre tank no one will. Same shit as with the 268v4 and it’s upcoming ToTT in May.

      So this tank will, most likely, keep 90% of the stats we see now. Like the 440 alpha and a higher dpm than the competition.
      And most likely stats will early on show, what would have been indicated by testers (ST/CT) before release, the thing is over performing.

      But WG being WG, they need suddenly need to collect months of data to fill their Excel sheets….*cough* see their bank account rise and when they’ve made enough off it they will adjust it to more balanced levels.

      Damn I really am to Dutch met mn gezeik ook altijd xD 😛

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      1. Then why wouldn’t they buff the Tiger II for more free exp conversion or sales for gold/money? Or the Black Prince? T-34-2? Indien Panzer? Panther 8.8? CDC? T34? Do I need to name more UP tanks?

        Nouja, zeikerig… Wij zijn denk ik teveel gewend aan transparante bedrijfsvoering, eerlijkheid, het toegeven van fouten, fairplay, etc. Ongeveer alles wat WG tekort komt. Die Oostblokkers liggen gewoon wat achter op dat gebied.


  6. Once again the people at wargaming’s “We need money” department make decisions that are retarded.

    Are these people aware of the 5000000 existing tanks that need to be rebalanced before adding new overpowered ones?

    Also, does anyone even spend money on this game anymore?

    Another new premium that obsoletes 500000 other tanks that are supposed to do the same role gj.


  7. Too stronk for tier VIII. Calling it.

    And if that is supposed to be weaker than the tech tree version, I can’t even imagine what they have found in the sekret dokuments.


  8. If they keep this gold pen, this tank is baaaad.
    Sure, everything else is great but it is slow, head on tank that with 218/gold:245 can at best scratch paint on heavies from tier 10 and many of tier 9.


  9. Low dpm….since when is 2k dpm low for a armored mobile tier 8 HT? The tiger II has like fucking 1800 dpm and the 110 like 1900 or something, but this shit hits for 440 alpha. Is3 has 1750 dpm….


  10. 0.345 accuracy…isnt that quite good for a 440 alpha tenki with 2000 dpm? The kv4 has 0.38 accuracy with awfull gun handling and 320 alpha and cancer tumor turret….lol.


  11. I really like the design of the tank. If the whole tree has an original appearance like this it’ll be quite nice to see.

    However stat-wise, why are they giving 440 alpha to tier 8 tanks ?
    That, autoloader premiums, next step is arty premium. 440 alpha is what tier 9 heavies SOMETIMES have. At tier 8 only TDs (and not all of them) should have this. The VK can be forgiven because mobility, but not this thing…

    As for armor : to early to tell if OP. UFP might be insane but for all we know the lowerplate could be very weak, the driver’s hatch could be a weakspot too, and the turret roof above the gun looks like an overmatch area like the Obj257, in which case the tank could have 5000mm UFP armor for all I care, it’d still be shit, because instant pen as soon as it turns its gun, and its aim time and okay pen means it cant snapshot, so you get to shoot his roof and pull back before he fires.


  12. Significantly better pen and dmg than the WZ111 and 112 with the same caliber gun. Either this tank needs to be nerfed or existing tanks need to be buffed.


    1. You are comparing this tank with full-MM to old tanks from the old MM which have pref-MM. I don’t know what point you’re trying to make but your logic doesnt work. Especialy when this tank’s pen is actualy average or below-average compared to other tier 8 heavy tanks.


  13. I’m pretty sure Murazor is actually a high school dropout who uesd to flip burgers but knew someone at WG so they hired him and gave him a powerful position.

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    1. if it has 440 alpha at tier 8 it should have awful everything else (See E100, bad dpm, bad mobility, bad gun handling, tons of weakspots, but high alpha)

      Vk 100 even has multiple weakspots on the turret

      Defender is op.


  14. Even apart from the usual concerns about powercreep, this kind of armor is cancerous. Don’t worry uguize, driver’s hatch is only 270 effective, let the gold fly!

    Hopefully they go with the faster but less-armored version that can actually be dealt with without needing ridiculous game mechanics like gold ammo (or HE, for that matter).


  15. Me and some other people though this was the tier 10, but no its a tier 8 prem….FFS WE DON’T NEED A NEW DEFENDER NERF THIS


  16. Apparently this is how Wargaming wants to get out of the corner they painted themselves into with their massive powercreep: even more powercreep. Meanwhile, many of the premium tanks I bought for good money when they were actually still useful are rotting in the garage now. I guess I’ve been sold a pup by Wargaming. Well, at least I’ve learnt my lesson: I haven’t spent any money on the game in half a year and in fact I don’t intend to do so ever again.


  17. I don’t know why would you say this tank is “OK”. If everything is as it is on paper, then it’s so effin’ broken that you’d be extremely dumb to carry on even playing this game.


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