10 New Flags – – WoWS

10 New flags have been added to world of warships client.
Flags New

Brooklyn – Commemorative Flag for the 9th season of Ranked.
Community Contributor – New flag for Community Contributors
Jolly Roger V – New Jolly Roger flag for players who have reached Rank 1 in ranked seasons for 5 seasons.
Hamburg Port – 829th anniversary for the port of Hamburg is May 10th to May 13th, so presumably there will be an in-game event celebrating this where a player can earn this flag.
Stalingrad – Flag representing the new Tier 10 reward ship “Stalingrad”
Australia – Optional National Flag for the commonwealth Australian ships.
Canada – New Optional Flag which is presumably for a new Canadian ship, not currently announced. (HMCS Haida?)
Commonwealth – New Optional National Flag for Commonwealth Vessels.
Nueve De Julio – Premium Flag for upcoming premium tier 7 Pan-American Cruiser (Ex-USS Boise)  Nueve De Julio


6 thoughts on “10 New Flags – – WoWS

  1. I wish there was a way to get rid of the stupid flags in my listing. Why is the Pan-American flag mostly Argentinian. bit of an insult to we British to my mind.


    1. @P T Dragon
      the “Pan-American” flag is mostly Argentinian because the first cruiser is an Argentine Cruiser (Bought from the US… but that’s another discussion altogether)… The flag will most likely change once more Pan-Am ships, from other countries, are released.
      Anyhow…. It should be insulting to fellow american denizens (non USA and Canada in particular, since they either have a full tree, or are included on the commonwealth tree), not to British sensibilities.


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