Resurrected from the Archives: Polish Tanks

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2018 is set to become a hallmark for two nations in World of Tanks. You’ve read about Italian tanks rolling into battle—currently in Public test and arriving next update—so now it’s time to shift the spotlight to the newcomers from Central Europe.

Here’s an overview of the Polish nation’s tanks and their peculiarities, including a tentative roster and features of the first Premium Polish tank designed in that country.

Please welcome, the Poles!


The Polish line will include 10 machines of various classes. To bring you up to speed, we kick off with light tanks, pass through a set of mediums, then move on to bigger things with heavies.

Why Poland? First, the country’s historic role. Poland turned out to be in the centre of two World Wars, and we can’t ignore the bravery, prowess, and contribution of its people during these conflicts. Second, the Polish community is one of the largest in the game, and we want to pay tribute to these devoted and passionate tankers.

Historical note

We’ve already dabbled in Polish tank history. A German Panther Ausf. G, captured by Polish forces during the 1944 Warsaw uprising was dubbed the Pudel (“poodle”), adorned with special markings, and used in urban skirmishes. The tank entered World of Tanks in August 2017, as a Tier VI medium.

As Poland wasn’t that focused on building their own tank fleet, the country’s main arsenal was made up of foreign machines. The first tanks that came into service of the Polish army right after WWI were the compact and extremely effective Renault FTs from France. Those were later joined by British vehicles, while tanks designed in Poland borrowed greatly from successful designs from German, Soviet, and American machines.

In short, the majority of “original” Polish tanks were heavily inspired by or almost complete copies of tanks from neighbouring countries. Introducing these machines would strip any identity and defining features from the entire Tech Tree. We decided to go one step further. Our historians went to the mid-20th century archives to dig up information on any original and unorthodox Polish designs. Be it a pre-production prototype or a graduate’s thesis project, we researched authentic projects crafted by native Polish constructors.

Just like the Italians, the Poles were playing catch up. The country’s tank-building history falls into three stages: the pre-war stage with various prototypes under development; the experimental stage, where engineers started to base their ideas on real combat experience; and the post-war stage with designs borrowing much from successful production models created by the dominant tank-building nations.

With the Polish Tech Tree, the division is even more apparent, as each period corresponds perfectly with its respective vehicle classes:

  • Stage I: Tiers I to IV are early light tanks that represent the formative years in Polish tank building. Inspired by the British Vickers Carden Loyd commercial light tank and Vickers Mk.E, the Polish machines received additional improvements and started their life with the 4TP light tank, which proudly takes the Tier I spot in the line. Lightly armoured, nimble, and equipped with an automatic gun, this anti-personnel tank set the tone for the whole line of the Polish lights.
  • Stage II: Tier V starts the line of medium tanks with a transitional model that combines traits of both classes. Tiers VI and VII are represented by purely experimental models heavily influenced by German and Soviet machines. This is where the first examples of sloped armour and coil-spring suspensions were tested.
  • Stage III: The real-life post-war heavy tanks operated by Polish armed forces were nothing but slightly modified Soviet machines. So, we went to the archives looking for references. We came across three thesis projects by graduate engineers, and these ideas will be embodied in the game at Tiers VIII, IX, and X. They are compact and highly dynamic heavies with original weapons, boasting a solid balance between alpha damage and firing rate.

The debut tank

A Premium Tank — the Project 51 raw prototype from the early 1950s—will precede the nation’s release. It will be a traditionally shaped Tier VIII heavy with good frontal armour (you’ll be thankful for the armour on the turret and upper plate), an impressive alpha damage of 440 points, and -8 degrees of gun depression, which means it can be effective on uneven terrain. The tank will mostly benefit from mid and close-range combat, tearing through defences with authority. The possible competitors? You’ll hardly find any straight comparison, so the tank has all the chances to become a bright addition to the game.


More articles are on the way as we keep designing and tweaking the Polish line, so stay tuned!


32 thoughts on “Resurrected from the Archives: Polish Tanks

  1. Looks cool, but probably napkin as fuck, like most of the tree will be. Anyone got any info on the authenticity of this tank?


  2. P.S. – What a bunch of swindlers these WG chumps are: “raw prototype”. A prototype constitutes a fully operational pilot model of a vehicle – not a fucking napkin scribble that can’t even be called a blueprint. So why not simply use the word “blueprint” or “schematics”, instead of lying about prototypes.


    1. if you want authenticity go play warthunder or fuck off. Wg gave up on historical accuracy a long time ago. This is very much an arcade shooter than a realistic one

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This tanks dont exist in the past. They will say is “prototype” “blueprints” etc.
    Wake up gents is marketing. WoT si already popular in Poland and they make a SF tree for them to become more popular (more $$$).


  4. i hate you whiners crying “WAAAAH ITS JUST A BLUEPRINT”. if they went with T-55AM modernization you’d cry its copy tank. World of Tanks is NOT a simulator. In my opinion its fantastic that we get to see interesting ideas that were never made real due to some real life limitations.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. THIS.
      Players should stop acting like spoiled children in the toy store and expect a product to be perfect even after years of polishing. After all, it’s easy to look upon a dev team and claim that their job is simple. – In the eyes of an arcade player though, the more content the better. Can’t wait! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    2. No mate, thats not the point. I personally am glad some blueprint tanks are getting created and revived. Because they had detailed blueprints by historical companies, etc…But this napkin fantasy doesn’t have anything at all, not even a blueprint – thats the point. Oh and plus, Polaks couldnt even cast a bicycle let alone a cast hull heavy tank…hehe


      1. And you say that, because… you didn’t find anything on the internet? Here you have some short notes from archives:

        Both notes points to 9 attachments. No more info yet, but at the moment much more than Progettos.


        1. “praca dyplomowa” that’s all that needs to be said to understand how pathetic this fantasy line really is. but whatever…let it be.
          at this point i could typewrite a few random tank related words on a piece of paper and use it as evidence of the highly elaborate Nigerian tank industry filled with sikrit documintz))) and “raw prototypes”.

          Liked by 1 person

    3. I’m most frustrated about fact that nearly no one was crying about historical accuracy when they added japan heavies or chinese tank destroyers, but now it’s an issue for half of the community.


  5. @Count Suckyouoff
    And btw, Hungary or Romania got even more tanks to fill a tech tree.
    But is not rentable for WG because some of us use our brains and dont spend 30-40 euros for tanks (you can get aaa titles at launch instead for pixels shit).


    1. Let’s not forget that this game is free-to-play.
      If they’d charge let’s say 20 bucks for each copy of the game we’d have a way different story.


  6. Why does it need a 440 alpha gun on tier 8….I mean 440 alpha was quite high even for tier 10 tanks back in the days. And 218mm AP is not even that bad, I mean others on tier 8 have 225mm AP and the have 320 alpha and 390 alpha. Why make a tank that nobody else can trade with except the defender? LOL, OP shit as always and 270mm effecitve upper plate on a tier 8 HT, that is a joke.


    1. Bringing imaginary designs into the game is one thing. Making fantasy tanks better than approved designs that were actually mass-produced – after serious testing, mind – is another matter.
      Personally, I would have preferred Wargaming to balance existing tanks rather than pumping ever more historically dubious tech trees into the game, but if it makes the Polish players happy … I will grind the line, then forget about it and go on playing Russian tanks, because they really are what Wargaming designs the game for.


  7. Realism is nice and all but who’s going to fund SerB’s space project?

    Think of the man’s need people, don’t be selfish.


  8. I don’t understand the hype around tanks from Poland. They did not contribute anything to during world war 2 and in the Cold War.


  9. What I like about this new tech tree:
    1. The new content. I always enjoy new stuff. Except OP shits being added to the game;
    2. Bringing to life blueprinted models or even proposals;
    3. Keeping things decent. This tier 8 premium looks like it could have existed. It’s not “Nameless” or “Edelweiss” or what the fuck those crap things were.

    What I don’t like:
    1. Advertising these new proposal tanks as historical accurate PROTOTYPES. WG is reinventing the meaning of the word;
    2. Now showing the documents that could shed some light on these tanks;
    3. Still describing WoT as a historical accurate game.


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