WoT: New Global Ban Wave


Third-party programs that manipulate gameplay by granting an unfair advantage are not welcome in World of Tanks. We’ve come a long way in weeding out harmful mods since we started taking action against cheaters. Recently, we penalized 4,055 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 666 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.


Recently, we penalized 722 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 146 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.


We’ve penalized an additional 957 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 83 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.


Recently, we penalized 21551 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 7245 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.


18 thoughts on “WoT: New Global Ban Wave

  1. This is pure scam. If they really had a detection software for this they would have banned the cheaters instantly not in wawes or however they call it. This articles have only pirpose and that is to scare ppl from using cheat clients.

    I am not supporting cheaters but lets get real, wg should really do somezhing about it instead of fake articles.


    1. Banning in waves is most effective against the cheaters, if they banned instantly upon detection it would be easy for cheatmakers to bypass the anti cheats, and cheaters would just play first battle of the day with an account they don’t care about to see if the anticheating is updated. With the way it is now it is harder to make cheats undetectable.

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            1. Well, you probably have no idea about this topic, so better not comment if you have 0 idea about this. You are talking about 3rd party programs that are running behind the game, yes in that case it would make sense, but we are talking about in game mods which run directly in the client. Its completely different scenario.


  2. It looks like another round of PUBG is going on at NA, how many humans are left there now? Sad part is that whoever wins, we lose.


  3. Hard to believe people are still so stupid that they risk their accounts for an small advantage.

    I bet a lot of these accounts are low battle count rerolls.


  4. I do not think that I have seen more than 20.000 players online on the EU servers. This means that more than 1 in 5 active players is cheating.
    So for 15 vs. 15 games there are an average of 6 cheaters. Which in my experience with impossible shots/aim/pen sounds quite founded.
    But let’s ban me for insulting other players that have a very good chance of being the cheaters I call them to be.


    1. Lol wut? Which hours are you playing the game? Peak hours during weekends is like 150k+ players, and every active players are not always playing, so there probably like a million active players. Players online do not equal amount of Active players.


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