WoWS: Azur Lane Collaboration Details

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We are happy to announce that World of Warships is partnering up with the Mobile game Azur Lane (Available on iOS & Android) in a brand new collaboration!

This time, the collaboration is going above and beyond the borders of World of Warships. Azur Lane fans rejoice, new World of Warship-themed content will be also making their way to Azur Lane. Witness the details of the all new epic cross-collaboration below!

Special Collaboration Content Coming To World of Warships

Azur Lane Collaboration Character Commander

As the first iteration of this special collaboration, 7 popular characters from Azur Lane will be available in World of Warships as Unique Commanders! And of course, these commanders will each come with their very own unique voice packs!

Join   III Aurora  VII Belfast  VI Cleveland  VIII Enterprise  VIII Admiral Hipper  VII Hood and   VII Nelson in naval battles in World of Warships.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.


DISCLAIMER: Image not Final.

Collaboration Commemorative Flag

Collaboration Commemorative Flag based on the Azur Lane design is on their way to World of Warships!

Unique Camouflage

Unique camouflages based on the Azur Lane character design will soon make their way to World of Warships!

Keep your eyes on the World of Warships Official Portal for the latest news.


DISCLAIMER: Image does not represent the final product.

Special Collaboration Content Coming to Azur Lane

Experimental ships seen on World of Warships gets their new Ship-girl look in Azur Lane

Mighty naval war machines, reborn as ship girls!

Experimental vessels as seen on World of Warships will be available in Azur Lane as a playable character.

Prepare to recruit Saint LouisMonarchNeptuneRoonIbuki and Izumo in your ranks!

Left: Saint Louis / Right: Neptune

Check out the Azur Lane Official Twitter Account for more details!

What is Azur Lane?

The Naval Warfare you’ve always wanted…

  • Ship-Girl meets Shooting RPG!

In the Azur Lane, you take command of naval warships turned humanoid in an intense shooting RPG!

Collect and command unique characters in Azur Lane’s epic naval battle!

  • Pick up & Play: Exciting shooting combat awaits!

Azur Lane’s main focus is its shooting combat.

Take control of your very own naval fleet consisting up to 6 warships, and blast away your foes!

Not a big shooter player? No problem! Your ships can shake off a few hits, and an auto-play feature is also available for those who need them.

  • Build your own Fleet!

You can build your own naval fleet from ships from around the world! You may find some particularly rare ships too!

Over 100 beautifully illustrated characters are available, all waiting for your command.

You can also get personal with your Ship-Girls thanks to the Affinity system. Pick out your favourite character and customize them any way you like!

More information on the collaboration coming soon!


7 thoughts on “WoWS: Azur Lane Collaboration Details

  1. I don’t really get the concept here, the idea of girl commanders with short skirts and heels is kind of pointless, and I find it offensive towards women, I may not be grasping the concept, apologies in advance


    1. Long time ago, KC devs officially announced that they will not have any collab with any other games, along with several guidelines for Fan-fictions and fan-created contents.
      KC had collab with Arpeggio but it is anime/manga, not game, so not violating here.
      They have not changed any guidelines since then, so it is quite less likely collab occurs between KC and WoWS.
      KC players likely know the above.


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