Intel Trophy results are here!

Check them out here:

Player ___swiety___ [_AD_] got the laptop.

For extra salt, here is his Wotlabs page:


24 thoughts on “Intel Trophy results are here!

      1. They disqualified rocket when he was never cheating In-fact he was Twitch streaming it the whole time lol instead they let the russian or WG employee have the Lab-top instead luser_007 [AIMED] WTF WG What the fuck honesty rocket plays for 24 hours a day and barely has the time to do anything and he needs the laptop for collage so i can understand why but he live streamed it to show hes not cheating but WG Bans him and guess what they also did

        ItzRocket – Today at 11:04 AM
        if i got dq for sui ramming im si=uing thier asses and getting everyone who rammed killed even if by coincidence dq’d aswell

        And the Iuser guy was doing this too and doing it Alot more faster then even possible lol I smell WG Bullshit.. I smell very very very Bullshit from WG to give an Employee or a cheater a laptop.. RIOT EVERYONE!! CAUSE THIS IS CLEARLY RIGGED

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    1. Cheat how? You wanted an event with no win and no top 5 and no tier limit. That’s what you get. Tier II/III rush damage was allowed, simple as that. Nor was he online 24/7 unlike the rest. As he was not even on top 5 after the event. 1st spot had close to 8K and 0% survival and was online 24/7. He is not on the list now.

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            1. Damn, that puts WG’s pricing in a different perspective. You have to work more than a week for a tier 8 premium tank.

              Where I live you easily make €100 in a day.

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                1. Damn, the minimum wage here is around €1530 per month if you are 23 or older. After taxes that will be around €1350.

                  I didn’t knew the difference was that big.

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  1. I was also in the top 251 on EU (like ~200 when the event ended) I spent 10+ hours a day for two weeks doing this and I got DQ’d. Why? I don’t have the slightest clue. I will probably never get an answer from CS so I’m not gonna find out either


  2. If I will have the button I will Disqualified all the retards till the first 500 For example, with a message. “Buy a life for you, this is the biggest present you will receive” You have to be fucking retarded and mentally damaged to be playing this game 10h per day 14 days in a row. So any punishment for your disability is welcome


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