WoT Chocolate

UPDATE: In case anyone wants to buy these, they can be found here:


Thanks to senaya

I bought this in a local store for 19 MDL (Moldavian currency) which is ~1.15 USD. Inside was a green ‘kinder suprise’ type of egg.

What’s this?

A baby Panther!


28 thoughts on “WoT Chocolate

  1. My mother-in-law found something like this at Cracker Barrel. It was a WoT themed box with gummies and a JagdTiger in it.


  2. Please tell me someone can send me a bunch of these eggs please! I want them so badly so I can have the tanks!….oh and the chocolate!


  3. Just buy models from World Tank Museum instead. They’re much better quality and have more variety than just dull gray colours. You can find them on Ebay (type “1/144 world tank museum” in the search bar and voila!).


      1. Even the Kinder Surprise is forbidden, because it’s Not allowed to sell something to eat with Something Not to eat in it ^^


  4. With the average intelligence of a wot player lot of those plastic containers will be swallowed, or showed up ones arse…


    1. If this will be sold in Poland then everyone who will buy it will swallow the whole thing, chocolate, tank, plastic container, even the wrapping. Those polaks are foking retarded.


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