RU TW:A And WoT/WoWS Blitz Server Problems

Roskomnadzor, the Russian authority on internet censorship, has blocked over 5 million Google and Amazon IP addresses on April 16 in an ill-fated attempt to block the Telegram instant messaging app from working. Needless to say, it ended up by not affecting Telegram entirely but blocking banking services, large retail companies, and apps with more widespread usage, like Viber. Many MMOs were affected too.

WG got hit too. WoT and World of Warships Blitz players complained en masse about the inability to connect to servers. Changing the internet connection or using VPN’s did not work either.

The RU server of Total War: ARENA has big issues at the moment, to the point Russian players need a VPN in order to get into battles.


5 thoughts on “RU TW:A And WoT/WoWS Blitz Server Problems

      1. Well, Roskomnadzor and FSB wanted to be like FBI and get access to all the messages and user data everywhere, but Telegram is not that simple. It was pretty much impossible for Durov to fulfill the requirements so Telegram was bound to be blocked. Too bad it cannot be blocked at all and Roskomshit shot itself in the foot by banning millions of Google and Amazon IPs used by Telegram. So it’s not really censorship, it’s just a shitty law in attempt to control internet. Yes, just like in USA.

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  1. To be honest it’s probably some kind of scheme to eventually sue Roskomnadzor and launder some monis. This attempt to block Telegram is absolutely retarded.

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