WoT Supertest – USSR MT Tech Tree

This is how the USSR tech tree looks like from tier VIII upwards now.



9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – USSR MT Tech Tree

  1. My biggest question is when they’ll introduce k91 and obj 277.
    On one of your pages it was mentioned they’ll come in 2019 but they are already on supertest which usually means about 2-3 patches away. Any news here?

    Additionally why isn’t the 277 shown in the tech tree?


    1. I have simply accepted they will come, and most likely won’t be the last lines to be added, I just wish they would link the KV-13 to the Obj.430U line so that we can grind 4 Tier 10’s from 3 lines, right now you spend way too much time wih the T-44 to grind both Tier 9’s

      the Obj.430U line would not fit the rear-turreted line gameplay-wise but the KV-13 fits perfectly in the Obj.430 concept, both Obj.430’s have HT caliber guns while the KV-13 is a HT/MT hybrid at Tier 7, the ideal would be add something in between at tier 8 like the T-44-122/100 but those were already made premiums, if there’s another case of a lught-weight HT like the KV-13 it could work or instead a design of a MT with a large gun, it could also work with something like a HT (IS or IS-2 at most) with modified turret and MT gun (something like IS-100 or IS-2-100)

      it would be the addition of a single tank that would work perfectly for several reasons, one of the most important ones would be finally giving the KV-13 a purpose in WoT


  2. So two things.

    Isn’t the K-91 a series of designs for a HT, not a MT?
    And isn’t the rear turret version called the K-91 Variant II with the Variant I being mid turreted?


    1. Isn’t the K-91 a series of designs for a HT, not a MT?

      So was the Object 430U, and the STRV 103 is an MBT in real life.

      And isn’t the rear turret version called the K-91 Variant II with the Variant I being mid turreted?

      Yes, but it says nowhere that this is the I variant.


    2. Isn’t the K-91 a series of designs for a HT, not a MT?
      does it really matter? the fact is that the current form of the K-91-II will be worse than the current Obj.430 Version II, worse armour, worse power/weight ratio, worse ground pressure, etc…
      it will only be superior, if not changed, when it comes to the gun and turret rotation speed, so why does it matter if it was designed as a HT at the end of WWII if it has similar but worse characteristics of it’s predecessor that is accepted as a medium?
      also, HT and MT designation change through time, obvious excamples are the Italian P.40 and american M26, both intended as heavies according to their definition of the class but in actuality were medium tanks when compared to it’s contemporaries


    1. Going by the tanks the 430 II and T-10 lead to before. It’s safe to assume it will be close to the same. As their XP for all the modules is 100% the same now as before. So at least 200K for the 277 and 270K for the K-91 is to be expected.


  3. so basically… 100% the same as it is now on live. Minus the “coming soon” ofc. Well good to know. Tho any word on the IS-4 line changes they talked about earlier? As the ST-I is the only tier 9 I’ve yet to buy and grind on the Soviet tech tree, besides arty ofc.


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