T1E6 Available on EU

Coming with a slot and 30 days of Premium. Available for 28 more days. Price: around 10 €.




28 thoughts on “T1E6 Available on EU

  1. somebody send this new for the pedobear polak 19CZERWONY77, he will be very happy, cause he likes to play low tiers to statpad wn8. 7k. battles, 3.3 average tier. GG.


      1. You see people making defamatory comments which actually breaks both German and Poland laws. It’s not directly good PR for your site as this will probably soon reach the forums at WG.


                    1. Actually it doesn’t.

                      A webhosting service isn’t accountable on the content being uploaded.
                      It may or may not restrict it, but unless it’s facilitating a criminal activity, it’s not liable.

                      Also, like it or not, words are not banned on the internet. They are not illegal.
                      The implied intent to do harm might be, but not the words.
                      There’s also a massive, legal difference between insults and defamation, word which you freely use with complete disregard to its meaning.

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        1. The day saying mean words to other over the internet becomes illegal and punishable will be the day I riot in the street.

          If you had even half a brain, especially coming from someone from an ex-soviet satellite state, you would be thinking the same way, rather than accepting censorship.

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