WoT – 1.0.1 Vehicle Changes

VK 72.01 (K):

Slightly improved the side armor of the hull and turret
Changed the penetration of the Gr 39 H3A G shell from 334 mm to 350 mm


Swapped the 12150L7 engine (580 HP) for the 12150L7B engine (700 HP)
Reduced the turret move bloom by 17%
Reduced the reload speed from 10.2 s to 8.7 s
Increased the view range from 400 m to 420 m
Changed the HEAT M456 shell penetration from 330 mm to 350 mm


Incrased the accuracy from 0.35 to 0,33
Reduced the turret move bloom by 20%
Reduced the aim time from 1.8 s to 1.6 s
Changed the HEAT-T T384E4 shell penetration from 330 mm to 350 mm
Increased the maximum forward speed from 48,3 km/h to 50 km/h
Increased the maximum backward speed from 20 km/h to 23 km/h
Increased the engine power from 750 HP to 950 HP


Swapped the Continental AOI-1195-5 engine (560 HP) for the Continental AOI-1195-5A engine (750 HP)
Reduced the movement bloom by 25%
Reduced turning bloom by 25%
Reduced the reload time from 9.12 s to 8.0 s
Reduced the health pool from 2000 to 1900


Province map re-added
Glacier map spawn locations have been finetuned

Fixed improper display of camo value for unique prem tanks
Fixed dynamic dirt on vehicles
Fixed a lot of errors regarding hits and improper penetration marker display

New Italian tanks added

Tier I, LT – Fiat 3000
Tier II, LT – L6 / 40
Tier II, MT – M14 / 41
Tier III, MT – M15 / 42
Tier IV, MT – P26 / 40
Tier V, MT – P.43
Tier VI, MT – P.43 bis
Tier VII, MT – P.43 ter
Tier VIII, MT – P.44 Pantera
Tier IX, MT – Prototipo Standard B
Tier X, MT – Progetto M40 mod 65


41 thoughts on “WoT – 1.0.1 Vehicle Changes

    1. How so? It’s still on the low end for a single-shot tier 10 medium (same reload and alpha as the leopard 1), just no longer irredeemably horrible.


  1. Keep increasing that gold pen, the unicums need it to keep farming stats…

    In a few years tops, even the 268 v4 armor as it is today will be irrelevant.

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    1. I can assure you as a unicum I hate shooting gold all the time. It defeats the purpose of armor and it is retarded to face a Type 5 heavy or a Object 268 V4. Those are the tanks which strictly get gold fapped into their dumb faces. Otherwise the problem is as tanks loose weakspots and you want ot keep on being a unicum you need to shoot more gold to have more consistence dmg…

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      1. Thank you for your comment. However, from what I’ve seen the game has degenerated a lot (playing WoT since early 2013 here), and I can’t entirely blame WG’s incompetence at balancing (which is a factual truth). Players have to adapt and that is fine, but when ‘adapting’ is only a question of who loads the skill ammo first, then there really is no room to talk about anything but a damage farming race where whoever farms more and faster wins – this completely ignores stats and winrate, those do not matter and are a byproduct of said farming race. I used to only drive tanks with reasonable protection, now from laser-accurate guns (Super Mongqueror anyone) to gold wanking, even a paper target like the new M35 is viable – they pen you anyway, so at least get some mobility to dodge shots.


      2. I can assure you as a SUPERunicum I love shooting gold all the time. It defeats the purpose of armor so I can farm damage and stat pad and brag about my SUPERunicum stats to my cat and dog. They are both very impressed with my stats in this online computer game.


  2. So much investment in OP vehicles those people don’t really need, and such a sensible investment it is, for to keep several thousands “top” players (the quotation marks are there because of much cheating and seal clubbing reasons) WG sacrifices many more newbies that leave the game forever being seal clubbed in the millions.

    Maybe the uncums generate income? For sure, they are rare enough to buy many premiums with hard earned cash. And they make enough gold in WG endeavors to afford endless gold spam without cashing up. Maybe this gold spam and hard survival in randoms poisoned by unicums make people pay up for gold.

    IMHO, all this overgame bustle is cancer to the game and millions of ordinary users. Cancer carefully grown by wargaming idiots that don’t play their own game. WG, nice shot in own foot, again.

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    1. There are so many flavours to choose from… and yet you chose to be salty ^^

      Why hate on unicums? This game is not hard to play.. if you cant suck it up and get better at the game (like many of us did) then dont do it.. just chill and play something else that suits you.

      I was a noobie too around my 5000 match mark, barely yellow. And now at 20k battles behind me i grinded my way to unicum levels. And im playing since 2010…

      These tanks are rewards that you still have to put in effort to reach them. They are also not as op and gamebraking like obj268 v4, or type5 or other well known broken tanks.. the fact that you only see them in good players hands is not their problem.. everyone can get it, its just the fact if you manage to grab your pants and learn the game to be good enough to end up in a clan, and then get it.

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      1. Hate on unicums? Where? I don’t hate unicums, I just don’t think that all the “unicumness” is good for the randoms and for income of new players. I don’t think that all the investment in top players is proportional to the amount of income they generate for WG.


      2. Rewarding top players with tanks that make them even stronger is an incredibly poor decision from the perspective of game balancing. The argument “stop-whining-and-become-a-unicum-yourself-instead” is – no offence – plain stupid.


    1. They also removed the 200mm circle around the gun … since they want the Pz VII to be a weaker sidescraper they could also remove the mantlet weakspot from the Panzer VII too (leaving the awful side weakspots).


  3. I am a unicum and I am against all recent changes and powercreep. I did alot better when tanks were more balanced, premiums were not OP and people were spamming less gold. I dont use gold ammo or play unbalanced tanks. Only greedy people play powercreep tanks and use gold ammo and they will burn in hell for using unfair and unbalanced game-features.

    Due to powercreep and gold ammo spam, you can’t even play normaly anymore, god forbid tier 9 and 10 which is totally fucked in terms of armor and gold ammo. You can’t even play as you should because people spam you with gold, you are at a such great dissadvantage stats wise playing tier 10 with no gold. On tier 8 for example you can still compete within your tier not using gold, but on tier 9 and 10 it gets alot harder, stakes are bigger.

    The gap in tank performance is too big between tier 8 and 9 as well as 10, so in reality tier 9 and 10 tanks should be toned down. But WG think backwards, they buff tier 9 and 10 tanks and then introduced OP tier 8 prems. Game balance is fucked, too many over-armored tanks and/or tanks with too much firepower.

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    1. Are ye faking reetardead? You have 445 m max view range on both light tanks and 420 m view range medium tanks. Why are you crying so muche neigre?


  4. i am also unicum. i am cumming to noobs with premcumhots so everbody so stupit because cannot wait and cum others @ redline unril cum in cum. because i am unicum. and others are so idiot never go seal club as trio with op tans with prem spam…
    cum cum cum i am unicum i am cumming in your face because i am so perfect…


      1. I kill countless unicum gold spammer
        as yelow fellow.
        I always love cum inside of unicum.
        when i look into cum
        I always see cum come from a fucking loser unicum
        he cant do anything at their chair anything more than masturbation and cum…


              1. @orion7
                No U.
                Spek nice or I cum for yu end seal spenk yer buttholes so spek nice or deze kids will crai end yu get ban. Lern two mesterbeat u nub


  5. Unicum, dear god you stupid dumb sheep. A made up word used to describe cheaters, modders and stat padding no lifers, but you imbecils aim for it and pay WG through your arse to be a unicum. The whole stupid idea of unicum just ruins this game and the sheep that aim for it helps them. Enjoy your stats you funny funny sheep.


  6. Why can’t they increase the base pen and leave the gold pen alone? Oh that’s right, they want you to shoot more gold because why else do they keep releasing retarded super heavy tanks and TDs…


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