WoT – 1.0.1 Common Test

In a few hours, the test server for 1.0.1 should appear, and in it:

  • Province in HD quality
  • Italian tanks
  • Frontline mode
  • Gold ammo and consumables will be purchasable only for silver

56 thoughts on “WoT – 1.0.1 Common Test

    1. The plan for goldammo is, that they are going to make them available for credits only on the live server, and then rework it. The reason: Some plebs are still buying them for gold, so they bought it for money and in some countries you have laws which forbids the rework (should be something like consumer protection law)


    2. You have no clue how many thousands of the better clans try-hards have 15.000-20.000-25.000 gold just laying around…..they are the same f*ckers who dont really spend a single euro,cuz they get huge amounts of gold for participating in CW and tournaments and buy premium vehicles with that gold….. its nothing to them to load a TVP 50/51 full gold and spamm the shit out of the rest of the players….who cares about 100 gold coins spent,when they get 5 or 10 times that gold/day during CW?


      1. lol you’re a moron if you think anyone in the top clans uses gold for ammo, i’ve been in fame, go in. No one does that shit


        1. Oh really?and what exactly are they doing with all their useless gold? They have allready purchased premium accounts,premium vehicles,all with camo.
          Do they look at their useless gold and masturbate?
          Gtfo troll.I know too.


          1. well the best use for “useless” gold is converting free xp which can be used for skipping grinds or better yet, for increasing crew skills. I did that when I had too much gold, and these guys have even more…


  1. Wg is insane.

    What should I play:
    – 7 years special + marathon
    – cw season
    – or test server

    Not enough time at all to handle 3 things. So why should I care about common test 😀


    1. No,it’s the gamemode they had on sandbox quite a while back.The frontline’s map was used for the Battle royale mode since it was the only truly huge map in WoT to support 40 players.I would far prefer Frontline to be impemented,too much Battle Royale hype these days.Besides the gamemode itself was mediocre at best.


  2. So does this mean province can still have some of those weird spots where tanks fall up into the sky or get trapped inside buildings? Cool.


  3. I do not play beta or sandbox WoT. I already give a lot of money to WG, I will not work for them for free to help them make even more money.


  4. If they introduce frontline mode into the game, my friends and i will come back to wot. We played it on sandbox and we think it was the best game mode we ever played.


  5. I really hope no one reads into the “gold for credits” change. Just means WG realizes that no one is using gold to buy premium stuff they can buy for credits, so they’re removing an unused option.


      1. Why is that neccersarly at all? Just remove the ammo, and buff AP if needed and/or introduce weakspots again. Why mess with all ammo types, they work fine except premium ammo/gold ammo. Even IF they nerf damage on high pen shells, that wont fix the core issue i.e. shells that can pen armor it has no business penning to beginn with. Almost the same as arty, arty rebalance didnt fix the core issue of arty it only reduced it in some areas and even made it worse in other aspects.


        1. Selecting appropriate ammo to fight armour is the core element of tank combat. So of course there should be shells with higher pen than others. I think they just should reduce prices on different ammo types, just make them tesearchable like modules.


          1. Gold ammo in WOT exists for only the one single reason – and we all should know it by now, even if WG says otherwise

            the +-2 MM system cannot work at all without Gold ammo

            (example how can a Tier 6 Cromwell or T34-85 and etc, fight and win in ANY way with only 145 ~ 150 penetration only and around 135 alpha, against a Tier 8 Tank be it a Medium or Heavy or worse a Super Heavy

            yeah sure some of the T8’s are ‘soft’ targets but all have 190+ penetration with 230~490 alpha with over twice a T6 hit points,

            Gold ammo ‘balances’ bottom tier at -2 MM in WG cartoon tank game.

            Imagine if WG removed Gold ammo and bottom tier -2 MM only had standard ammo, ROLF!!!
            we would see +-1 MM to make that work (not a bad thing.


            1. Clearly you have never played in the old days.

              In the current mm, there can never be more then 3 tanks 2 tiers higher. If you manage to meet these tanks in every single game, you play bad. You are not forced to fight the enemy high tier tanks 1 vs 1. Swarm them with your team mates, or pick another oponent/ flank


  6. The worst scenario is if they nerf damage on gold ammo and reduce costs, it will increase the “high pen ammo” spam, instead of doing 320 heat damage you might “only do” 240, but still the core issue is not fixed, why should that gold spammer even make above 0 damage to beginn with. If you get spammed enough times with any alpha, it get annoying and eventually you lose all hitpoints, or hitpoints you shouldnt loose to beginn with.

    The best scenario is IF they remove gold ammo entiery, introduce it for gold only or increase credit cost to the point where people can’t afford using so much, or any other mechanic preventing people from using “high pen shells”.


    1. Only noobs like you complain about gold ammo because you play so bad that you can’t afford it.
      Learn how to play and stop whining noob kid.
      Or go and get a job.


      1. I know but you must admit it is pretty expensive. I had full gold loaded only for when i did try hard for 3 marks on 113. But no i just take 6 gold rounds because it is just so expensive. I think they should lower the price. So that players than aren’t that good can can afford it to.


        1. He right? He wants premium ammo for gold only which would mean going back to pay to win.

          And removing premium is not an option. It gives you the ability to do at least some damage in battles when you’re in a +2 tier game.


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