Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K available on EU


Price around 9,5 €.



11 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K available on EU

  1. Such a shame this tank. Looks nice and historical, everything is ‘moderate’ in all respects. Gun however is on par with the Hummel. And yes, does not have arty view.

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  2. I do well enough in mine, but it’s also tier 5 and I’m well above average.

    It’s OK. It’s the kind of tank you would like a lot as a 7 year old because you like how it looks, and then you grow up and realize all those times you lost were because you were playing a tank you liked, rather than one that was powerful.

    It’s a shame that the balancing has gotten even worse.


  3. Wargaming has killed this tank with the truly horrible dispersion values. 0.35 after moving is an absolutely ridiculous value for a gun of this calibre. Whoever designed this really wanted players to hate it.

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  4. If they buff it, at least to reasonable values, I will consider buying it. Looks great but it’s a loser tank. Another WG mystery.


  5. I enjoy mine for what it is actually and the same goes for the Turan III PT but what kills it is the shit MM WG throw’s against us.The Pz T-25 isnt bad as the gun is better but when I want to play tier 5 with decent MM I take out the Pz IV Hydro with its pref mm.I own all the German Tanks except arty and it seems to me that the accuracy of the german guns has gotten worse over time without WG telling us anything.So if you decide to buy this tank remember load APCR.When the mm is good which is rare except if you lay between 2 and 6 in the morning this tank is fun to play with.


  6. Buff the pen to 110 (like the Pz IV H) and buff those atrocious dispersion values, and it might be a viable, if hipster, alternative to the T-25.


  7. So far in 10 games I have 840 dpg but it’s a trash tank. It’s too slow, the gun is terrible and the armor doesn’t help with the new MM with tier 5’s never seeing 3’s.


  8. Mobility is OKish, gun handling is pretty bad, armor is pretty crap…
    Tank looks nice, that is why I bought it in the ultimate package for the extra gold and missions.


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