Supertest: HD Province

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You’ve been asking us about the introduction of new maps and the possible return of your old favorites not currently in game. With the Glacier map, we addressed the first kind of inquiries; with this post, we’ll reply to the second one: the overhauled and updated Province map enters the Supertest. If everything goes fine, you may expect to see it in game really soon.

Yes, this is the map you probably waged your very first battle on!
The battle that probably ended with the destruction of your vehicle by an enemy you could not see. You probably exclaimed “How come!” (we hope). Such situations were one of reasons we excluded the old Province from the game. The map was too complicated for new players and too small for high Tier play – so we have created a new prototype that will allow to alleviate these problems and bring Province back into Random Battles while keeping the best of its signature features.

Province: what have we changed?
First of all, the size. We’ve moved from the original 600m×600m to a more spacious 850m×850m, allowing to use the map as a high Tier playground. A longer distance between the opposite slopes will make camo-based play possible, but keep spotting relevant. Currently, it’s a bit over 500m – which is optimal: just enough to hit an enemy on the other side if spotting is provided.

Second, we’ve changed the gameplay. Back in the old days, Province used to be a place for fast spotting and quick shootouts. To win, you only needed better camo and sight range. On the new version of the map, everything will be less streamlined. Winning will require moving: not just occupying your slope, but attacking the other one. If you don’t press forward, the enemy will—and things will get hairy for sure. An assault will be quite an undertaking: a part of your team will have to approach the enemy while the other part provides fire support. The attack group will have it hard, risking being hit or running into the other side’s attackers – but if you manage to reach key positions, you’ll be able to break through your opponents’ defense.

Third, we’ve created new opportunities and enough room for tactical experimentation. Though the map is compact, there are multiple possible battle scenarios. You may try to take positions by your enemies’ way downhill and lock them in the canyon, or try the long serpentine road for a multi-pronged attack. It may happen so that the teams trade places and will have to storm their own starting positions, moving in a circle.

So, what will become of it?
The Supertest results will show. Currently, the map is very close to getting back into Random Battles—the good old Province that will require more of you than fully developed Crew Camouflage skills and a masking net on a low level tank.

17 thoughts on “Supertest: HD Province

  1. Province was the first map where I got an Ace Tanker and Patrol Duty, back when the T82 was still a tank destroyer. Also one of the prettiest pre-Core maps imho. Glad they’re enlarging it for higher tier gameplay, though 850×850 might still be a bit cramped.

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  2. I killed 11 tanks with Pz35t on that map…..and then I run out of ammo and lost battle…..had I been more carful with aiming I would have killed all 15 enemy tanks


  3. ** We’ve moved from the original 600m×600m to a more spacious 850m×850m, allowing to use the map as a high Tier playground **

    why not just go 1000mtr x 1000mtr in size OR larger 1100 x 1100 for T8 and upward?

    Tier 8 never mind Tier 10 feels positively cramped to play on now with MT and LT’s with 445mtr + viewrange and the speed to get half way across a map in 15 seconds to spot anything quick (or less

    however ~ ANY new maps are very welcome after WG Deleting 10 maps in one go in patch 1.0

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        1. Only if it’s an in between of the release version and the 2nd version. The southwest had a lot of really good gameplay, but the northeast and strength of base camping nullified it more often than not. The ability to flank northeast through the middle if they had pushed past a critical point or even go completely around broke the strength of northeast, but it also nullified southwest, as it was entirely too far for just about any tank to drive and still participate in the game.

          My suggestion, actually, would be to enlarge southwest such that going city is not a deathwish, and allow northeast its detours, but to strictly have no direct route through the middle from base to base–you MUST go southwest or southeast; middle would only be a flanking route on the two flanks.


  4. Ah, I remember this. So many fun battles in my Light VICkers! In fact, I equipped the little bastard just to fight on this map, it was quite effective! I’m glad they are bringing it back.

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  5. This brings back memories. Good ol’ Province, 12 kills with Panzer II…T82 as a TD…ahhh…so glad to see it coming back will relight those good feels, thats for sure!

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  6. well, I welcome this comeback, too. as someone already noted: this one looked beautiful, even in the old days. now its even more awesome looking.

    if 850×850 will be enough remains to be seen.

    all in all: I am really looking forward to this reworked map.

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  7. Province WAS of the best maps in the game that TAUGHT new players bush mechanics.

    I have no doubt that the new version of Province will be HORRIBLE considering the bad changes WG has made to Fjords, Erlenberg and also Steppes and Fisherman’s Bay AND in recent new maps that have almost been universally bad such as Paris, Kharkov, Stalingrad and Pilsen.

    The WG map department is completely INCOMPETENT.


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