Secret Sign Token???

secret token

I can’t find anything about this “Secret Sign Token”, so I presume this is some extra token that WG is giving currently, but I have no clue how or why did I receive it???

37 thoughts on “Secret Sign Token???

          1. no way its worse than Apple, they have department in charge of shitting on their customers just to push the limit…


  1. Fuck Intel and their overpriced meltdown-affected crappy CPUs. There is no longer need for ’em since second generation of Ryzen 2xxx will be available in a few days. Got Intel 6xxx Skylake, wanted to upgrade, but Intel says I need to throw out of window my good Z170 MOBO and buy a new Z370 for no reason. Better to buy Ryzen mobo instead, because it stays with me for at least another 4 years

    Btw this Intel CPU WOT marathon is rigged. U need 1500+ tokens aka run bots, share accounts etc. WG supports such behavior with this Intel competition. Check Quickybaby’s video about that.

    Not sure which company is worse – Intel or WG, but their collaboration doesn’t surprise me. Future optimizations of Core engine for Intel? – I am afraid of intentional slowdowns on AMD CPUs.

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      1. These fucking casuals don’t know what it takes to place top 10. PoE is same thing. Those fuckers just go like the energizer bunny.


      1. Irony is Ryzen would still be good in 4 years. The low core Kaby Lake i5 and i7 Blast Furnaces the people at Intel call a CPU are already choking.

        As for Coffee? Good for melting toothpaste, no upgrade path though.

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          1. What you would do or not is irrelevant. The ability is there and it is an advantage. As is the lack of toothpaste and the superior engineering of the architecture.

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              1. Choice is always relevant in the grand scheme of things. However, you would insist on having a new motherboard. Truth is so would I. But for people the OC or dont care for 1-5% of performance lost due to fewer features supported (which can likely be done via OCing BTW) it is a great choice.

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        1. You haven’t a clue what your talking about, the shit people spout here is hilarious. If you have an AMD cpu in your PC, you have a shit pc.


    1. Why do you buy overprice shit, if you dont understand it? You have to install the newest biost for the mobo and you can install a 7xxx. And you can overclock it too. So there is no game still yet out that can top it. So cry more into your wallet.


      1. “you had to replace the motherboard because of power delivery”
        Not only Asus and Asrock confirmed that’s pure Intel bullshit, but simple logic:

        I am currently running i7-6700T skylake (35W variant) in H170 mobo. Mobo is ok with OC chips like 6700K with more than 90W TDP

        I want to upgrade to newest 6core i7-8700T (again 35W variant). Intel says that I need new mobo because of power delivery? Srsly – why the fuck should be my H170 insufficient in power delivery if it can supports power-hungry 6700K and unable to handle just 35W i7-8700T coffelake because of power delivery? Nobody can believe such a bullshit


    1. EU forum had a topic about it on day one that died out a few days ago since WG did not respond to it. Many have gotten it. No idea what it’s for. I suspect by the end of the event. We will know…. if anything.

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  2. No worries. I still find it amazing you guys manage to find SOMETHING to write every damn day about wot. It’s only a game after all, not really that big anyway.

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