Featured Mod: ShowVehicle

This mod fixes the Vehicle Comparison in-game tool so it shows all the statistics of the compared tanks.

Mod hub page: https://wgmods.net/1012/

9 thoughts on “Featured Mod: ShowVehicle

    1. Well, it is good to have mods, to show user something they didnt know what they could miss. 🙂

      Mods are good for the game and to develop new features to implement in the game and it is an easier way for the developer to see what is wanted.

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      1. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were to make a mod that makes + – 1 mm and fixes all the balance and rng problems of the game… Wonder what would be wg’s excuse when it would proove the community right about it. Would make an extra giggle if the mod would be finished faster than the actual time it takes wg to get there in the future (if that miracle eould ever happen).


        1. +2 MM is one of the core features of gameplay, noobs need to see shiny cool tanks that they would want to get. Does it suck? Sure, but that’s how it is, I suppose. And what does “rng problems” even mean?


          1. Namely that it s@cks balls, the whole game is a big bag of frustration, its so inconsistent that it goes way past the fun … nobody likes not hittibg what they are aiming for, like lets say you cant hit the side of the barn, only 2 out of 10 times with one of the most accurate guns.. And then its not even garanteed that you’ll pen.. game rolls dice after dice and its a big pile of sh@t yet they speak about esports with this amount of game features where your personal skills dont matter no more.. But even than its not fun for an avrg pleb to not be able to have fun. I play this game since 2010 and the game was more fun in ways back then.. even without the content and shiny graphics.. at the end it doesnt matter. (Sry for the long text, but i feel like putting this out there)


            1. Like a year ago no one was crying about the rng, but now for no reason idiots started to cry that rng need to be removed


              1. No one said you have to agree, but if you have nothing remotly intelligent to say than why bother? You just made yourself look like dumbass lol


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