WG cares for its (Russian) players!

Russian players who spend too much time in the game receive the following message:



Remember to rest. It is the responsibility of every tanker to take care of his health and control the time spent at the computer! Take breaks: it will benefit your health and progress in the game. Take care of yourself!”

Taking a break is worth it. Especially around this time of Spring. Finally, WG gives some good advice to its players.



9 thoughts on “WG cares for its (Russian) players!

  1. We had this on the EU server once. It’s a legal requirement on the Chinese server but not normally switched on for other regions. Probably just got enabled by accident.

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  2. We got a Russian on the NA server trying to get the laptop from the NA server sigh… Not even rocket can keep up anymore has too tired. Yet this mother fucked is still going..

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  3. And wargaming wont do anything about it. And when someone posted real proof he was a Russian the topic was deleted. So yes its official wargaming is truly Russian biest

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