Core Engine announced on CN WoT Portal

Yesterday, Kongzhong (the company that helps Wargaming distribute World of Tanks and other games on the Chinese market) officially released the news, where details about the new Core engine were shared. So, according to the Chinese division, the new engine was developed for 3 years and it cost Wargaming $ 20 million. From the voluminous narrative, we will highlight the main thing:

“When the BigWorld engine finally began to get tired after 10 years, Wargaming did not buy a third-party game engine for their game. Instead, the company spent three years developing and spending about $ 20 million on a new engine. And this is Core! “.

Source (Chinese).

22 thoughts on “Core Engine announced on CN WoT Portal

  1. Wow, spend 20 mil $ and three years and still the game looks a little worse than WT.

    Sincerely hope the development will go on better from now on, at least it’s not like the HD tanks years long outsourcing travesty. Now the engine is here, maybe game can get better and not in a couple of years.

    Core engine aside, my main complaint now is the WG love of overcomplicating stuff. Mission to get low tier gift (about 8$ worth) must include tokens, to get stamps, for acquiring crates, that give you bonds, to achieve rank, getting the gift. That’s about right, I might forget a couple of steps. Call me stupid, but I want it simple, as simple as possible. KISS.

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    1. WT is still living of it’s Wings of Prey engine. So I suspect they will peak to soon enough with engine limit like WG did with big world a few patches back. Core is still young. And like the Big world engine across the years. They will tweak and tune this to I suspect to make it look better now and then as time goes by. As I doubt they will spend so much time on a new engine, and do nothing more to it. And personally.. I don’t think WT looks visually better tbh.

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  2. The new graphics sure look great and it is very very nice.


    This just means that getting shot by OP tanks firing noskill ammo looks nicer but still feels bad. I think that gameplay fixes are more needed then graphics.

    In my language we say “Eaven if a monkey wears a golden ring, it is still a ugly thing”

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    1. And yet, it was a more common complaint then even gold ammo, that the game looks like it’s from 2008. And was a common point for AW and WT fan boys for leaving the game. So I suspect fixing gold ammo in the long run would do less then making it look nicer. I mean we have 50K more then normal peak hours on EU atm. So it did something.


  3. Fixed Core Engina – Now they need to fix Core Gameplay primarily having Balance between tiers creating a huge problem with the current MM

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  4. The graphics is great now, but I think Wargaming are doing a very poor job at balancing the game … and at the end of the day, balancing is more important than looks.
    As things stand, I consider World of Tanks a second class game with first class graphics.

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  5. CN WoT Potral still not update 1.0.Maybe impossible before April 6. And this core (CN common test) just update a new tier X Chinese heavy tank:WZ111-Qilin(May CN exclusive). According to,this tank has better gun handling and turret around speed than WZ111-5A. Not to mention the 560 alpha damage. To be honest, so many op premium tank and the cheat mod (tundra) may ruin the CN server.


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