WoT 1.0 Q&A

Source (Japanese)

•Japanese crew voices (male, female) will be recorded again.
•Release of new background music is scheduled for iTunes etc.
•We understand the various mods currently distributed in the game and there is talk in the team about which mods to install as standard in the game. This is left to the desires of the players and there are plans to formally recruit (modders) and provide the opportunity to ask for opinions.
•There is no plan to change matchmaking to ± 1, like in Blitz.
•We cannot eliminate the team kill system.
•The Japanese tree addition of a Tank Destroyer line is under consideration. There are no plans to implement it in the game yet, but maybe it will be implemented next year.
•The new trees of this year will be Italy and Poland, the trees of other countries are still being worked on.
•Regarding the endgame content, content other than “Clan Wars” is also being devised. We are also testing and examining an unusual new game mode, and we plan to be able to make it so that even relatively low tiers can participate.
•We will announce the new CW content on March 26 (maybe). There are also new vehicles (maybe).
•As for the balance of income and expenditure, it is “a global task”, and although there is no plan to make a big change at this stage, do the missions where credits are easily obtained for support in the next CW season.
•We are developing functions for the next e-Sports, and during this year we may add new functions for e-Sports in the game.
•Q:Will there be a weather implementation, rain or fog like PS4 has?
A:We are considering it in the company.
•Events to acquire “Bonds” will be held again.
•There is a possibility of nerfing premium vehicles, but there are no plans (it is unlikely).