WoT 1.0 Q&A

Source (Japanese)

•Japanese crew voices (male, female) will be recorded again.
•Release of new background music is scheduled for iTunes etc.
•We understand the various mods currently distributed in the game and there is talk in the team about which mods to install as standard in the game. This is left to the desires of the players and there are plans to formally recruit (modders) and provide the opportunity to ask for opinions.
•There is no plan to change matchmaking to ± 1, like in Blitz.
•We cannot eliminate the team kill system.
•The Japanese tree addition of a Tank Destroyer line is under consideration. There are no plans to implement it in the game yet, but maybe it will be implemented next year.
•The new trees of this year will be Italy and Poland, the trees of other countries are still being worked on.
•Regarding the endgame content, content other than “Clan Wars” is also being devised. We are also testing and examining an unusual new game mode, and we plan to be able to make it so that even relatively low tiers can participate.
•We will announce the new CW content on March 26 (maybe). There are also new vehicles (maybe).
•As for the balance of income and expenditure, it is “a global task”, and although there is no plan to make a big change at this stage, do the missions where credits are easily obtained for support in the next CW season.
•We are developing functions for the next e-Sports, and during this year we may add new functions for e-Sports in the game.
•Q:Will there be a weather implementation, rain or fog like PS4 has?
A:We are considering it in the company.
•Events to acquire “Bonds” will be held again.
•There is a possibility of nerfing premium vehicles, but there are no plans (it is unlikely).

33 thoughts on “WoT 1.0 Q&A

  1. I still say the AMX M4 1949 and AMX 65t should switch places. It makes no fucking sense why the AMX 65t is as bad as it is, and it will NEVER get buffed because nobody plays it and thus the russians dont whine about it so WG stays blissfully ignorant about the fact that it is, without peer, the worst tier 8 in the game.


    1. Remove the top turret, give it a buffed version of the stock one and more gun depression. Buff the top speed so it can actually do 50, even if it takes 5 min to get there. And it’s done. 99% plays with the stock turret anyway. So why keep the top one around?


      1. Why would anybody play 65t with a stock turret? Even with 120mm gun this thing is almost unplayable, 100mm is even worse, much worse.


        1. If Ikv should be tier 6, what would be AMX AC Mle 46 then? Tier 5 maybe? Yes, it has gun with much pen, but still it sucks so hard! Narrow gun arc, horrible aim time and disgusting soft stats makes it barely playable in its tier yet it usually meets tier 8s and 9s… Greatnes on wheels.


        2. I hate ikv 90 with a passion. The tier 5 103 is probably worse tier for tier but the grind is much shorter and the tier 5 player base is worse than tier 7.

          On the 90b I have 30k towards 100k needed for UDES. Its going to be a long long grind.


  2. It is stupid to buff tech tree vehicles just because the premiums are better, because that will just screw over the balance even more. No, WG should go back to their old concept and make premiums worse than tech tree vehicles. WG gas ruined their own game and now there is no turning back.

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    1. blabla, premium tank wasnt worse than tech trees at all.
      there was and are some equal and some with bad guns like is6 and wz-111. therefore they got a preferntial match making.

      preferential match making is not working and they wanna change pref mm.


  3. •There is no plan to change matchmaking to ± 1, like in Blitz.
    But why? I’m tired and sick of always being cannon fodder for the higher tiers.
    Heck, just taking out the 3-5-7 format would fix this!

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    1. It isn’t the 3-5-7 or even +/- 2 MM that is the problem, it is for the most part the balance of players on the teams. I can’t tell you how many teams I have seen that one side gets significantly more players with 5500+ PR ratings and the other gets significantly more players with less than 4k PR ratings. THAT is how you end up with so many lopsided matches. Occasionally the team with the better players loose, but that is rare. I have started keeping track of my battles and it is easily over 75% lopsided win/loss matches.


      1. I am aware of this artificial influence WG creates, but they won’t only not change it, they won’t even admit this is a thing!
        Hence my cry for balance. If I’m not facing two tier higher turds in totally not biased Obj. tanks, then I can carry my team of bloody idiots.
        By the way, the newest trend I have noticed is that the team that was decided to lose before the battle started, will almost always (9 out of 10 times) lose precisely 3 tanks before 2 minutes pass in the battle. I wonder how this works.


  4. ” *There is a possibility of nerfing premium vehicles* ”

    yeah do it ~ go on WG ……………..

    then watch Premium Tank sales fall through the floor to almost zero – for a long time.
    as all trust is completely lost from the player base if you fuck up Premium Tanks that badly

    then watch as most everyone STOPS playing T8 if the Premium T8’s are nerfed down

    Then WOT is right into Rubicon 2.0 (and bigtime

    I doubt after **•There is a possibility of nerfing premium vehicles** if WG will survive the massive loss of income as WG lives off selling Premium T8 tanks to generate its big profits

    cannot believe that some WG dev or manager would even speak that out aloud in public


    1. You know there is a way of nerfing those OP premiums without touching them: Buff everything else and leave them untouched. Then we’ll be back to the good old “premiums are better than stock vehicles but worse than elited vehicles of the same tier”

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  5. •There is a possibility of nerfing premium vehicles, but there are no plans (it is unlikely).

    Guess they like being taken to court… Good ill sew them..

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      1. Yes… yes you can.. you bought something with real money alot of countries have things that forces a company to not touch a product..


  6. ” •We cannot eliminate the team kill system.” — yes, you can – just do it
    its already removed on Consoles, its a VERY easy fix – so you either dont WANT to do it, or its simply being lazy 😦


  7. Would consider a overhaul of game machines before Whining about to few tech trees but hey it’s WG, maybe they just nerf premiums or even buff t-34-2, WHO knows 😛

    S T U P I D WG


  8. There are A LOT of premium tanks that need nerfing.
    But they have to take care of the effects that they generated after their release (i.e. buffs to some regular tanks)


    1. My guess is, they’re unwilling to nerf them because of potential backlash from the playerbase. If it happened with a POS like Super Pershing (was nerfed years ago, then quickly rebuffed because it was made even worse than before), try guessing what happens if they touch Defender or Rhm Skorpion. The game really has devolved in the past two years.


  9. but would it really cause a big problem (for the game) to bring the OP tanks like Defender down to the balance of that tier?

    even some steaplth nerfs would be possible. exclude prem-tanks from stronghold, teambattles and the like and voila, it wouldn’t be so bad. in random there are not SO many of them around in one game, but tier 8 stronghold? Defender only, if possible. that is disgusting and IMHO a VERY strong argument for that thing being OP.


  10. Mods I’d like to see added to the game:
    -Zoom out further, like to 500m
    -A filter in garage to show your non-elite tanks
    -Ability to hide tanks (like in reserve/storage) that you want to keep but don’t play
    -Display your friends and clan mates in team lists a special way (different color or font maybe)?
    -Maybe more zoom options
    -Auto return crew check box

    A couple of changes I’d like to see, ability to sell personal reserves and special emblems (like Halloween jack-o-lantern, Meathead, etc.

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