WZ-111 available on EU

Price around 42 €.


Contents: WZ-111 and GARAGE SLOT.



9 thoughts on “WZ-111 available on EU

  1. well, even as WZ-111 has SMM, it will see tier 9 VERY often. add the new tier 8 tanks (Defender, VK 100.00 P, Patriot, Liberte to some extent, IS-M), that will totally lough at your 175mm pen (and even that 250mm HEAT).

    so all in all: like 112 and IS-6: powercreeped prems, that don’t perform anymore.

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    1. Sums it up quite neatly. How they expect anybody to pay 42 € for this thing is beyond me. God knows Pay-to-Win is bad, but Pay-to-Lose is even more stupid.

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  2. A few days ago = let’s put T-34-3 on sale and then remove it from the shop (this after talking about wanting to buff the pref MM tanks and then remove said pref MM)

    Today = let’s sell WZ-111 which has the same pen and pref MM as T-34-3


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