World of Tanks on YouTube!

From EU portal:


Today, we are happy to present our new official YouTube channel solely dedicated to World of Tanks, where you’ll find exclusive content for your favourite game, such as:

  • Official update reviews
  • Educational videos
  • Fun content


As with the previously used Wargaming Europe YouTube channel, you may still find all the videos uploaded in the past there, however, the newest videos will be only featured on our new World of Tanks channel.


5 thoughts on “World of Tanks on YouTube!

  1. Educational videos? Who plays hard core in wot now days? I only know of sir foch that plays the game as it should i.e. with no gold ammo. 99% of all other superunicums spam gold ammo like there is no tomorrow. Something is wrong when there is only one known superunicum that play with standard ammo in the entire EU wot community!


    1. SirFoch plays the game as he wants to. He thinks that gold ammo is dumbing down the game, it’s his opinion. A lot of people think it’s alright, but people who spam gold are still being called out as tryhards and goldnoobs, so it’s a good balance I guess. I personally think that “shooting weakspots” is not a skill? that you need in WoT since you can’t actually do it.


  2. A new channel dedicated to WoT?
    Hmm, this sounds like they are trying to do something big and they need PR for that.
    I’m actually happy to see this, let’s see how well it will turn out!

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