World of Tanks on YouTube!

World of Tanks Europe: New Youtube ChannelWorld of Tanks Europe: New Youtube Channel

From EU portal:


Today, we are happy to present our new official YouTube channel solely dedicated to World of Tanks, where you’ll find exclusive content for your favourite game, such as:

  • Official update reviews
  • Educational videos
  • Fun content


As with the previously used Wargaming Europe YouTube channel, you may still find all the videos uploaded in the past there, however, the newest videos will be only featured on our new World of Tanks channel.

Wargaming NA – Map Monday's

Wargaming NA seems to have some new ideas and is making videos to help the Community. They released the first video about Map Monday’s where they will talk about… maps. You might think “this is silly”, but map awareness is one of the key skills for your success in World of Tanks. I have high hopes for this series, let’s see if they don’t let me down.

Introducing Map Mondays - World of Tanks PCIntroducing Map Mondays – World of Tanks PC

Best Replays of the Week International #21

 Good morning everyone.

While I was preparing myself to start working, I was looking at the latest videos and spotted that Wargaming Europe has released a new Best Replays of the Week International. It would actually be quite a good series if they released it weekly… instead of monthly. Still, enjoy.