Supertest: Guilin Map Video

Новая карта Гуйлинь (HD прототип) // New map Guilin [WOT]Новая карта Гуйлинь (HD прототип) // New map Guilin [WOT]

Here you can see the bird’s eye view of the new map which is still undergoing testing. It will be a large (1000×1000), Asian-themed map, and half-open: a lot of open space and tons of hiding spots. The bases are located on the eastern and western sides, opposite of each other. There are 3 main attack directions.

-The city in the middle of the map. Most of the clashes will take place there and will require a lot of maneuvering. There is an abundance of hiding places offering good sniping spots and also the city provides plenty of cover from TDs. The city is isolated from the rest of the map: depending on how the battle unfolds, you can flank the enemy from there or be flanked yourself.

-Northern hills. A sniping location with plenty of tactical options: halting the enemy’s progress or supporting the allies in the middle of the map, flanking mediums and spotting lights, and so on;

-The isthmus near the lake. A risky path, suitable if you want to occupy quick a great shooting position or spot enemies.

The further development of this prototype map depends on the Supertest results and the feedback of the players. At the moment, it is not known whether the map will arrive to all servers.