WoWS: [Round 1] Public Test 0.7.3

Round 1 of the Public Test will run from 15 March at 15:30 CET until 19 March at 14:00 CET (UTC+1).

Round 1 Changes

Space Battles Are Back Again!

April Fools’ Day is fast approaching, time to dig out your space suits and get ready for blastoff! Prepare for the full-scale combat operations among the stars in some familiar ships with completely new exteriors!

It is high time to clear one’s head and jump to the Spaceport. Enjoy the power of intergalactic invader! Battle ruthlessly in the open space, amidst lonely planets, asteroid belts and dying stars. The Starlight will guide you through the cold dark, and the asteroids will provide you with a reliable cover.

Remember that the Space Battles will be available only for a limited period on the main server.

Weather Conditions

In a battle, beware of the new two local weather activities—the Meteor Shower and the Psy Field. They are quite chaotic and can be hard to predict, but no space battle will escape their harmful effects. Similar to the Operation Hermes, they will move around the map and provide particular effects on battle conditions.

  • Meteor shower is supposed to reduce ship detectability and viewing radius, as well as the effectiveness of AA guns. In addition, the aircraft cannot operate properly in conditions of a meteorite shower: it reduces their speed, view range of air squadrons and knocks down an aircraft every 15 seconds.
  • Psy Field causes the highest reduction of ship detectability and reduces the view range of a ship depending on its type. In addition, the psi-field reduces the maximal duration of fire by 1 second and disables the Repair Party consumable. Similar to Meteor Shower, the Psy Field will reduce the effectiveness of AA guns, while it will not affect the ship aviation.


During Public Test, you will receive the spaceships after completion of a number of easy missions. In the Port, you will find the following spaceships:

  • Destroyer Flyfire (  X Gearing)
  • Cruiser Galaxy (  X Des Moines)
  • Battleship Alldestroyer (  X [Großer Kurfürst])
  • Aircraft Carrier Hellcarrier (  X Hakuryu)


Fight in space battles in unique ships and receive space containers that will reward you with nice bonuses, together with unique event patches.

The ships to fight in space battles are the prototypes of the current Tier X ships, with the economic characteristics of Tier VII.

Once you receive the ships, fight and win the battles on the Public Test server. You will receive the reward both on the test and live servers. Remember: these rewards will be different from those available on the live server.

Space Commanders

Along with the unique ships from across the Universe, you will find the following Commanders in your Port:


Golden Konung

Queen Bee

Hzrzngh (The Great)

You can assign these Commanders to any ship without retraining. These commanders cannot be assigned to the standard and Premium ships and cannot be dismissed.

During the second stage of the Public Test, you will have a chance to try the “space” camouflages on standard Tier X ships in any battle type. The research process will be much easier on the test server, and you will be able to try the new types of the exterior in familiar waters to the full extent. Do not waste time—apply the camouflages and throw yourself into battle and win the battles and receive nice bonuses to your main account!

Map Updates

During the Public Test Update 0.7.3, you will be able to capture key areas that are distributed in a new way on the maps:

  • Sleeping Giant

  • Land of Fire

  • Hotspot


In the Domination mode, you will be able to capture four key areas, two of which will be under control of the teams at the beginning of a battle. Besides this, on the Hotspot and Land of Fire maps, starting positions of both teams were slightly changed, and every key area will now provide four points for every nine seconds when it is held by any of the teams. Join battles during the Public Test and share your feedback on these changes with us!

Optimization of Game Mechanics

  • In the heat of battle, many players used to crash their ships against dangerous beaches and mountain groups across the different maps in World of Warships. For the convenience of our players, we improved the Collision Avoidance System. The chance to collide with landscape objects is now significantly lower thanks to the improved system, which calculates such parameters as ship’s length and speed.
  • The penalty to detectability range from active AA guns now considers the maximum firing range of these guns. For instance, if a ship has a destroyed exterior radius AA mount, the operation of middle range mounts will provide the corresponding fine to the ship detectability range. Formerly, the fine did not distinguish the type of firing AA mount, only the maximal firing range of all mounts was counted. As a result, the display of the detectability range of the ship will also change on the Minimap.


New Effects

At the request of players, we added the horn animation to all types of ships except aircraft carriers (this option will be added a little bit later). Even when playing with the disabled sound, you will be able to see how your allied or enemy ships “blow a whistle” by the display of steam that bursts from their pipes. In addition, you can honk the horn right in the Port, using the same key (N by default) as in the battle.


There are also some improvements to the game audio:

  • Now, the process of main battery loading on battleships will be accompanied with a ringing sound.
  • We added a new voiceover modification—”National +”. You can now enjoy any national voiceover of standard Commanders along with a special voiceover of unique Commanders if there is one.
  • For players who enjoy contrast audio, we offer the “Loudness Compensation” parameter in the Audio settings. This will allow for increasing the high and low frequencies at low volume levels.
  • In addition, now the sound of a passing shell will depend on its type (high-explosive or armour-piercing).
  • Finally, any changes in the camera perspective will be followed by changes in water and wind sounds.

7 thoughts on “WoWS: [Round 1] Public Test 0.7.3

  1. Why do they pre release the update, it bugs me cause i cant play the PT
    I’ve been waiting for the opportunity for 9 months and i CANT PLAY IT


  2. I want space WoT with premium ships like the Arcadia or DeathShadow class battleship. Warhammer Dreadnoughts etc etc.


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