WoT 1.0 – 4th Test 2nd Iteration

The test of the new version got updated, here’s the changelog.


Fixed the color adjustment dialogue overlaying the loading screen.

Fixed a bug with adjusting the colors on minimal graphic in full-screen mode.

Fixed a bug where the current color theme was disabled when fine-tuning it.

Fixed a bug where disabling effects in the menu disabled all the fx on the map.

Fixed an MM bug in team battles.

Fixed a problem with the reload indicators failing if the game was minimized during loading and brought back afterwards.

Fixed performance issues on Ultra for the first few seconds after loading.

Fixed some instances of low fps in sniper mode.

Fixed the game crashing when hovering the cursor over a flag.

Fixed the MoE missing in the hangar.

Fixed some bugs with blown-off turrets and hulls.

Fixed disfigured trees when alternating between zoom modes.

Known issues:

The penetration marker is sometimes red all the time.

Full-screen mode isn’t saved.

Terrain shape disparity between server and client on some maps.

Tesselation is applied to roadwheels if track effects are disabled.

Performance loss when HAVOK enabled building are destroyed.

Sound is muted in one channel.


Adjustments to the color adjustment dialogue.

Attempts to remove crashes.

Sharpening/blurring of the image was worked on.


6 thoughts on “WoT 1.0 – 4th Test 2nd Iteration

  1. The biggest problem is with the textures, they are extremely bugged, sometimes you peeking corner and the corner of the building is not placed correctly, like you can already see the tank you peek but you cannot shot him because there is invisible wall. The same aplies to all stones and other types of hard cover.


  2. …so, 1 week or so before release and still plenty of bugs (they know about). I would say we should wait few days after the release so they can hotfix it. To be honest, im already scared (still remember the 9.0 mess)…


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