Bonus Code (EU, NA, ASIA)

UPDATE: Seems 1.0 did not bring the gold to WoT.. My sources were wrong, sorry about that.


It will give 500 gold and 7 days of premium but you will get everything after version 1.0 comes. I suspect it’s also linked to the release of Total War: Arena.

35 thoughts on “Bonus Code (EU, NA, ASIA)

  1. Greetings,

    Your Total War: ARENA code has been activated.

    To proceed, please take the following steps:

    Install the Game Center (WGC):

    Download the WGC from here
    Launch the WGC and select the “Language” and “Installation Folder” for Total War: ARENA
    If you have the Game Center (WGC) installed on your PC:

    Launch the WGC and open the “ALL GAMES” tab in the upper part of the screen
    Select “Total War: ARENA” in the games list and install it

    A sharp mind is just as important as a sharp blade, so make sure you join the Total War: ARENA Subreddit and stay up to date with latest news on our social media pages:

    Like us on Facebook
    Follow us on Twitter

    See you on the battlefield!

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  2. It works, but (at least for now) only for Total war arena – after I installed it I got 500 gold and 7 prem days, but only there, my amounts for WoT stayed the same.

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  3. This only works for Total War: Arena. You will get the gold and premium week in that game, not in WoT or any other WG game.


  4. The code worked for me (EU cluster here). A bit surprising that WG would give us a whole week of free premium time, they must’ve bet a lot on WoT 1.0


  5. A question to the ones for who the code is working:
    Have you installed and played TWA before? Because I have the feeling that it’s kind of an invite code.


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