P.43 ter Pictures

Credit: wot.express


13 thoughts on “P.43 ter Pictures

    1. I advise you to put the P.43 Ter, the Panther and the T-34 side-by-side it is much closer to the T-34 due to it’s low profile and angled sides, the Panther is at least 50% taller than the P.43, and the turret is far from boxy, it looks a lot like the one on the crusader


      1. Yes, better than the Tiger I’s, but everything is subject to change, so it will be most likely screwed up somehow.
        We are yet to see how this and all other Italian tanks turn out.


  1. High probability that this is yet another WG invention. The P43 project had several bis proposals but there was no such thing as a ter.


    1. then, how would you name it? P.43 Bis-II? the thicker armour, the upguning and the engine upgrade makes it almost like a completely new tank, they called it Ter simply for convinience
      if you check the wiki they always explain what made them make some unhistorical decisions for some tanks, I am pretty sure they will explain exactly why they called it Ter and where did they find the higher tiers, as well as any other possible unhistorical vehicle they might add for the other branches


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