P26/40 Pictures

Credit: wot.express


10 thoughts on “P26/40 Pictures

  1. Now that I look at it, I would almost say that this tank was just mashed together from two different halves.
    I mean, look at the front and the back, they are so different!

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        1. actually, it isn’t that confusing, they simply started from a design they new it worked and made the modifications needed t implement the upgrades, that’s why the front half is wider so that they can mount a larger turret than previously on other tanks
          why would they go through the whole process of figuring where to place component on the engine deck if they can simply copy a working setup?


        2. Pretty much as armando said. They reused as much of the parts they could from the earlier M-13/40 and it’s deriatives as possible.

          Itself not a bad idea to be fair, but this suspension was getting really long in the tooth by this point.


  2. I have always liked the look of the P.40 since the first time I saw it on tv, even when I still knew nothing about tanks, and so I am glad with how the model turned out in WoT, what I do not understand however is why are there parts missing of the side skirt on both sides? even if they were only 10mm thick it actually helps a lot to protect the side of the tank, that’s why I hope they arestill part of the DM even when missing (which means that I hope there’s a “strip” of spaced armour along the side of the tank)

    on a side note I cannot stop from comparing this model to the model in War Thunder, don’t know why exactly but this one looks a little better, might be the bits of metal peeking from behind the paint that make it look more “real”


  3. Why the hell is the FIAT Ansaldo inscription mirrored on the right front drive wheel? Actually I know why but if they spent so much attention to details I can’t believe they wouldn’t be able to fix it.

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