WoT ST – Italian Tanks (I-VII)


18 thoughts on “WoT ST – Italian Tanks (I-VII)

      1. hope so, the penetration values for the P.43 seem to be too low, judging by the damage it should bea 90mm gun and I am sure to have read that after the war the americans tested their 90mm M3, the Italian 90mm and the German 88mm L56 and supposedly concluded that their 90mm and the Italian were quite similar and at the same time better than the German 88
        it might be a case of overnerfing the Italian guns for no reason, as they did with the american high caliber guns (which now struggle due to OP armour tanks)
        btw, wasn’t the P.43 also planned to use the 102mm gun or something?


        1. Yep, an 100mm of some sort. I suspect the alpha should be 320 as the gun model is different than the tier 6.


          1. I know that they had one 102mm gun that was a enlarged 90mm and that they installed it on a bomber, and then one of the players who researched and tried to make a TT mentioned a 105mm L/23 that fired HEAT


  1. These look promising, quite similar to British cruiser tanks and Czech tanks in design, in my opinion.
    I wonder how will WG screw up their final stats, though.

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  2. Pen seems to be better than other tanks, tier for tier. And alpha for tier 6 is clearly too much. There are tier 8 meds and heavies with the same alpha.


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