Supertest – Italian Tech Tree

It has already been revealed. Tiers 8,9,10 are placeholders though for now.


6 thoughts on “Supertest – Italian Tech Tree

      1. True, I am saying this because WG didn’t really show interest in low tiers (and mid tiers, at some extent), in the last time. They’ve started adding a lot of high-tier-only branches (tier 8-10), lots of tier 8 prems and they’ve mostly ”balanced” high tiers.


        1. It does… there will possibly be an italian td line (the one with the higher caliber will prob be the beginning of it). Also they prob will and should make the m16/43 Celere Sahariano the tier 6 prem with an 75mm which has an top speed of 55 kph. I’d argue though that they move the current planned tier 5 or 6 up a tier and put in the Sahariano in, and obviously buff the BIS and TER since they look as if they were at tier 6 and 7, they would rip apart tanks. With armor of a t29, gun of a t20, and better speed then a comet, panther, t43,kv13, and same speed as t20, the TER needs to be tier 8. I love the italian tanks and therefore would play the TER and Mod. 46 as tier 8. I don’t play wot (laptop runs 6 fps at minimal settings) since I can’t afford an pc but have lots of knowledge from years of watching tactics and lots of replays.
          Last note.. ask WG to add “mamma mia!” as an crew voice addition.

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