1.0 Arriving on March 20

Community Contributors and people working with WG report that the 1.0 patch will arrive on 20 March on the RU server, and that a day later it will hit NA/EU. After 2777 days since WoT was released, the game will finally bear the 1.0 patch name.

Please remember to redeem all the Christmas & New Year 2018 event rewards (tank discounts and female crew members) before the patch comes. If you don’t know where to apply the discounts on the tier I-V tanks, choose the most expensive tank of each tier, so you can sell them afterwards for a profit. Also, 20th March is the International Day of Happiness – hope we’ll feel the same way too.


15 thoughts on “1.0 Arriving on March 20

    1. No they stated the Discount will stay until you use it. You have to choose a tank tho so you cant keep the bonuses for future trees.


      1. Pretty much this. But apart from the obvious time to upgrade your 10 year old PC… did you even try the test clients to see how it performs?

        Cause you can basically run the same settings / details as you are or were able to in the current update.

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    1. If you orld gpu won’t run 1.0 on minimal graphic settings then I have a question: how are you even playing right now? Min settings + optimization mods at 15 fps?

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  1. Me: Is this a dream or is it real?
    WoT: Sometimes the dream becomes reality
    Me: But I don’t know what to feel
    WoT: Then I will guide you through this haze
    Me: But who are you, why are you here?
    WoT: I am you and you are all of us
    Me: I can’t think, my mind ain’t clear
    WoT: Then I will free you from this maze


  2. Worth noting: everything up to tier 7 (I think, possibly tier 6) is bought for less than you’d sell it for with the discount. 1-5 is just where it’s free.


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