Kharkov Changes Video


11 thoughts on “Kharkov Changes Video

  1. Like I said earlier about this rework: it’s a bad rework and attempt to fix what ain’t broken.

    The way they opened up 1/4 part of the map is detrimental to gameplay. It effectively creates a no-go area, a.k. killing zone, about 1/4 the size of the map.
    Movements around this area will progress along the borders, leaving the cratered center untouched because of the above (until very late in game).


  2. One thing I liked is the trenches but everrything else a big NO NO.

    1:The E5, E6, F5 and F6 is totaly blocked of. So what was the problem there ? Nothing.

    2:The right corner is useless now when they removed the cover for fast lights and meds.

    3: The trenches is the only protection on the open field. They removed 75% of the buildings and pushed them into the corner.

    1:2 Make so the middle is open again.

    2:2 Make more cover in the right cover. Destroyed tanks (not T 40 or T80) Bigger tanks like tigers maybe. Make ruins, building wreckeges.

    2:3 Make more hills 1-3 (not small, bigger ones.) Wg should keep some holes. More buildings that you can hide from but artys can still fire at the flank.

    Plz Wg dont make this game like a duel game. (Flat ground.) Why even introduce new tanks with GP if you will make it flat so tanks whit no GP can play good. Is not the game supose to be competitive and fun at the same time with the terrain.
    We like players need to punished becuas we did a misstake on the terrain. So we players need to think a little bit more with an attack.


  3. have they seriously blocked off access to that central square? that was the best place to go in a heavy to be safeish from the scumbags. What’s a heavy to do now? camp at base I guess.

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  4. If ain’t broken , don’t fix it.
    I know is hard to hit anything with arty on this map and is not fun.
    Just ban the arty on the map and eliminate the map from arty-rotation.
    And let the heavies brawl.

    Problem solved.


  5. A vast improvement on one of the worst maps in the game. Contrary to what some are saying, the opening up of the map at the top left creates excelllent flanking opportunity for lights and meds, and gives turretless TDs a role.

    Those shellholes in the centre are workable hull down too.

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    1. Agree, kharkov, stating rad and sacred village are the definition of corridor maps and caged-in game play. I wonder how people complain about shitty corridor-city maps, only to complain later about open fields and killing grounds when WG once in a blue moon actually listens to players and fixes the problems………

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