No Server Transfers for South African Players

A reader bought this issue to my attention. I’ll quote a forum post which can be accessed here:

Good morning fellow tankers,

It seems like South Africans have pulled the short straw on WOT. We’ve been told for years that server transfers will happen from NA to EU, but when we submit an support ticket to the EU server they respond by saying that they have had no requests from NA to transfer players. They have been lying to us for years.

Our forum posts regarding South Africans to be transferred get deleted by the moderators, here is an example (this happened yesterday):

“When is Wargaming Europe and/or WG Minsk and/or WG Cyprus going to intervene and assist those of us who were negatively affected by the NA Central server merge, and now have unplayable ping? The West Coast people have been transferred to ASIA server long ago but the East Coast people, who were told a transfer to EU would be made available, have been left out in the cold. 
We would really appreciate some help, because WG NA are obviously either incapable of, or unwilling to help us. I represent a clan of 100 South African players who will all gladly move to a server that has 100ms less ping and special events during our time zone. (as opposed to say, ranked battles which happens during 1am-5am our time). I can’t speak directly for them but I’m sure the other South African clans will be very keen to transfer, and I know there are quite a few NA server players already located in Europe, so playing on the NA server is just silly for them. 
I cannot stomach the “just make an EU account and start again” story we have been given time and time again, as I have dozens of premium tanks and a bunch of tier 10s as well. No way I’m giving that up.”

I can not see how he broke any forum rules! He was asking a question and they respond by deleting it. We are not asking for a new African server! All we want is to transfer to EU, so that we can also play special events and clan wars.