WoT – WG Conference – Vehicle Changes

Evil GrannY: My question is about that. A huge, painful problem is the current arms race. There exit “old” tanks, and new ones, which greatly outperform the old ones. Buff the old ones, don’t introduce new ones, and nerf the lately introduced ones. IF you want to do something, just correct the branches. Why don’t you do it in a certain class? Look at the IS-4 and E 100 – their age is coming to an end. You should rebalance all tanks of a certain class.

Pankov: It’s too complicated, and not so easy. We have to research the topic first. There are many candidates, but we don’t wanna rush.

Beletsky: What drove us during the branch changes? We wanted to achieve a situation where starting a line, you could imagine what’s at the end, so that you would be in a specific play style from beginning to end.

EviL GrannY: It’s an arms race. The tanks become stronger and stronger. Steamrolls are commonplace now.

Pankov: We’re analyzing the situation carefully. It’s hard to classify and identify such battles, because we’re dealing with different players, tanks, maps, and dynamics. In a moment instead of quick wins, we’ll have mega camps.

Beletsky: Regarding steamrolls, looking into the past, the last one-and-a-half year, the battle became slower, depending on the region

Pankov: The average battle time before 4 years was 6.5 minutes, and it gradually increased to 7 minute 40 seconds. Players prefer a quick lemming train than get some from arty.

Beletsky: Back in the day, you remembered such a oneshot for two days.

Pankov: And people informed us about it.

Beletsky: Anyway, we have plans. We know what the arms race is. It’s partially because of the fact that the player count began increasing. It’s like with the Type 59 – it was imba, but became average, and now it’s just boring. At the same time we didn’t do anything to it.

Vspishka: The ecosystem changed.

Beletsky: Yes, it did. Starting from the Swedes, where we experimented with new mechanics. It’s a very careful process. The Italians will continue this.

EviL GrannY: To see 10 OP tanks in one Ranked Battle – priceless

Beletsky: We know about it. It’s a delicate situation, because if we change something, or remove two-thirds of tanks from the game – there will be a shitstorm.

Pankow: Typical battle mode… If you remember the Global Map, Himmelsdorf blocked with Mauses, Erlenberg with blocked bridges. The meta is shifting. New tanks come out, the ecosystem changes.

Beletsky: If you remember the first Ranked Battle season and compare it to the current one, you’ll see the lineups are changing. Some tanks become obsolete. A tried and true tank is the Object 907. There’s more IS-7s. From new tanks – the 268 V4.


10 thoughts on “WoT – WG Conference – Vehicle Changes

  1. *** Pankov: The average battle time before 4 years was 6.5 minutes, and it gradually increased to 7 minute 40 seconds. Players prefer a quick lemming train than get some from arty ***

    No you fuck-wads at WG jeez man!

    that’s “you the morons at WG”
    really that prefer ‘quick lemming train sub 4min battles’

    more games played = more time in garage = buy more gold = and etc.
    = bigger WG profits!

    the mind boggles at how STUPID those fuck-wads at WG think the players are

    I and ALL my clan mates would happily queue for up to 2 min a battle, this if it gets us a good MM for both teams so to be ‘actually really balanced’

    1 x good battle of 10 minutes
    is worth far more than 10 or 20 lemming train shit battles any day

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    1. Queue for 2 minutes? 10 minute battles? Yeah, it may be better for you and your clan mates, if you have nothing else to do with your life. I personally want to grind some shit ASAP and I will get any shitty MM over long queue any day. And what’s wrong with short but intense battles? it’s more fun than 10-15 camp fests on Erlenberg.


  2. Vehicle changes used to be small changes to balance tanks THAT NEEDED IT and make them fit in their frame.
    Now they fuck all the tanks because it’s a new patch.
    I payed for camo on the ISU-152, but now I don’t want to play it anymore.
    I payed for camo on the Bulldog, but now I don’t want to play it anymore.
    I payed for camo on the ELC AMX, but now I don’t want to play it anymore.
    and the list can go on.
    Bottom line is that by paying for camo on a certain tank, I trusted they won’t fuck it up in later patches.
    They only buff tanks now without regard to historical accuracy just to cover up their greedy move with the new OP premiums.


  3. WoT was obsolete when it came out as is the next iteration WoT 1.0 – this game belongs on android and iPhone platforms together with the outdates businessmodel Wargaming is using


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